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75th Anniversary concert, concert program, video, of the Faculty of Folk Instruments at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music
Friedrich Lips
100 years of Astor Piazzolla Italian Edizione Curzi
Accordeon Jazz Salon, Haifa, Israel, owner Alex Neuman Eli Bass
'An Audience with the Accordion Champions' CD, Scotland, UK. Rob Howard
Heinrich Band: Namesake, But Not Inventor of the Bandoneon , Introduction by Ulrich Schmuelling Norbert Seidel
Heinrich Band: Namensgeber, aber nicht Erfinder des Bandoneons, Introduction by Ulrich Schmuelling Norbert Seidel
Hohner Accordion Symphony Orchestra Tour to New Zealand in 1955 Harley Jones
Salvatore di Gesualdo Italian Salvatore Costantini
John Jones, Honoured by Royalty   
Edmund Whitehouse
Il Premio Internazionale a Castelfidardo, Quando la fisarmonica, la fa da padronaItalian Gerlando Gatto
International Castelfidardo PIF Competition, Where the accordion makes her a mistress Gerlando Gatto
Chiz Bishop
Jacob Ter Leeuw
Ed Gawlinski
Steven Solomon
Bob Berta
Sandra Martin
G. van Dijke
Gary Blair
Poeluev, Shishkina
Peter Shearer
Joe Cerrito, Consummate Musician and Extraordinary Educator Joan Grauman
Bill Palmer
Press Release
Kate Kelsall
Richard Guilliatt
Helen Kemp
Mary Tokarski of the "K" Trio
Piazzolla 100 Years Edizione Curzi
Vladimir Ushakov
Donald Balestrieri
Kieth Elshaw
Frances Clark
Jean Donaldson
Roll Out The Accordion, Polka Music & Oktoberfest Mary Rogelstad
Toby Hanson
Mirco Patarini
Carlos Guerra
Toralf Tollefsen's Daughter Remembers Jon Faukstad
Using Accordion to Teach Music in Elementary School - USA Joan Grauman
Steve and Maggie Roxton
Cheri Thurston

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