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Written by: Gary Dahl
Publication: General
Date written: September 1998

The accordion, because of its vertical keyboard, requires correct placement for maximum technical capability. When in seated position the bottom section of the keyboard should not be inside the right leg. This blocks the bottom section of the keyboard at an inward angle thus forcing the hand position to be twisted at a severe technical disadvantage.
The keyboard should be parallel with the center line of the body, this will allow a proper angle for the hand position. To accomplish this, the straps should be tightly adjusted preventing the accordion from moving side to side upon reversal of the bellows direction. When the keyboard is correctly aligned the technical aspects of fingering, such as the crossing of the 4th finger over the thumb from C to Bb can be executed with confidence and accuracy.

The photo of Silvio De Pra provides an excellent visual example of correct keyboard placement: the keyboard is only a few inches below the chin, black keys directly in line under the chin and vertical with the center line of the body. This positioning is ideal for both standing or sitting and will present a professional confident appearance and performance.
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