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Written by: Dr. Herbert Scheibenreif
Date written: 04 April 1999

RAM is the first Academy of Music in Russia. The graduates of the Academy are awarded the State Certificate with superior qualifications, they are conferred a Master's degree in arts. RAM is a universal school of higher learning; the students can major in all categories of musical art; the Academy trains the musicians in the areas of scientific, concert, performing and pedagogical activities. RAM has trained over the years 12,000 young musicians. They work as soloists-performing artists in instrumental and vocal music, as conductors, directors, performers with orchestras, ensemble choirs, performing artists of music theaters, composers, musicologists, editors, critics, audio engineers for recording studios, as well as performers of folk, popular and jazz music. 400 Academy graduates won prizes at various competitions.

RAM trains its students to be professional music instructors. They are given a teacher degree that enables them to teach at any music school. Among the graduates of the Academy are the professors of conservatories, institutes of arts, schools and colleges, directors and organizers of the chairs and departments of music. The Academy's 22 chairs unite more than 400 experts. Among them are renowned artists who gained worldwide recognition, doctors of sciences, winners of State prizes, winners of prestigious international competitions.

RAM is the center of education and methodological association of musical educational establishments of Russia which defines the principles of training of young musicians, develops the curricula for the entire system of music education.

Admitted to the major course of the Academy are musicians with a secondary education background, professional background in the major (after having received a full course or a music college or 11-grade music secondary school). The entrance competitive exams are major, colloquium and theory of music. Admitted to the post graduate course are musicians with higher educational background with vivid achievements in the scholarly, performing and training activities. RAM stages international conferences, seminars, competitions, participates in joint international projects and in the jury of competitions.

In 1994 RAM celebrated ist 50th anniversary, in 1998 the Department of Folk Instruments (including bayan, balalaika and domra) reached the same age.

Information: RAM, 121069 Moskau, ul. Powarskaja 30/36. Fax: (095) 230-29-38 Metro "Arbatskaja", "Barrikadnaja".

Rector of RAM is Sergej Michailowitsch Kolobkow (Member of the Academy of Art, Member of the Academy of Education, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor) Tel. (095) 291-15-54
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