NOTICE: Weekly News To Be Published Monday 14:00 Hours - Italy

The Weekly News will be published on Monday 14:00 hours. In the meantime, please read about the 41st “Citta di Castelfidardo” International Accordion Competitions and Festival. Videos will be online late Saturday morning.

Daily Reports of pictures, video and competition results at: 2016Concorso


41st “Citta di Castelfidardo” International Accordion Competitions and Festival - Italy

Castelfidardo Festival Header
The 41st “Citta di Castelfidardo” International Accordion Competitions and Festival starts on Wednesday 21st September and ends late afternoon, Sunday 25th September.

Daily Reports of pictures, video and competition results will be online, evening Tuesday 20th September at: 2016Concorso


2016 Coupe Mondiale Winners Announced, Rostov-on-Don - Russia

2016 Coupe Mondiale cup
Aleksandr Komelkov and Raymond BodellThe Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes 69th Coupe Mondiale hosted by the Rostov-on-Don City Administration and "The International Music Center 'IMC-Harmony' of Rostov-on-Don headed by Yuri Shishkin and Alexander Poeluev has announced the winners.

Picture right: 69th Coupe Mondiale Champion Aleksandr Komelkov (Russia) and CIA President Raymond Bodell.

Video of Prize Winners Concert & Closing Ceremony at: 2016Winners

Full Coupe Mondiale results and marks listed at: 2016Results

Daily Reports start 11th September at: http://www.coupemondiale.org/2016/ru_coupemain.htm

Video of all contestants is online. Video of all the concerts is online. Video Homepage & Video Timetable at: 2016CM-Video


Prizegiving hall

Video: Coupe Mondiale Concerts in Rostov-on-Don - Russia

2016 Coupe Mondiale header
The 2016 Coupe Mondiale included a stunning array of concerts that are all online for your viewing.

12 September Coupe Mondiale Champions Concert at: 2016Champions

13 September Gala-Concert “Stars of Russia” at: 2016Stars

14 September Concert "On the Edge of Accordion" at: 2016Edge

15 September Concert "Rostov Presents" at: 2016Rostov

16 September Prize Winners Concert & Closing Ceremony at: 2016Winners

16 September “Masterpieces of World Music” at: 2016World


Daily Reports, 2016 Coupe Mondiale, Start Sunday 11th September- Russia

Mika Väyrynen performs World Premiere

Mika VäyrynenFinnish accordionist Mika Vayrynen recently appeared at the The Loviisa Sibelius Festival where he performed the world premiere of Paavo Korpijaakko´s work "Niin Kauan Minä Tramppaan" for Accordion and String Quintet. The work is loosely based on the Finnish folksong of the same name.


New and Updated Sites

Two New Works by Douglas Ward, Charnwood Publishing - UK

Charnwood Publishing header
Douglas WardTwo new works have been released by well known UK composer and performer Douglas Ward, published by Charnwood Publishing.

Catalog No: DW936 Aria No. 1
Standard: Grade 5
Approximate playing time: 2 mins

This composition starts quietly, with a treble motif that is slightly haunting in character. It is written in D minor, but travels through several bass chord changes to end in its relative major key – D major. It encourages a really emotional interpretation, almost with the freedom of rubato. The basses take the performer through a range of both solo notes and chords with bass and counter-bass notes, with a few surprises and a melodic ending that almost fades away. The composition requires good bellows control and fingering, and includes numerous phrasing and articulation guidelines.

Catalog No: DW937 About Time
Standard: Grade 6
Approximate playing time: 2 mins 20 secs

This jazzy piece is written mainly in 5/4 with an occasional bar or more in 4/4 time, and is written in Eb major. It helps the performer to count with ease because the treble melody is set in phrases that simply flow well across established time zones. The treble melody has, in part, an underlying melodic counterpart. The bass accompaniment includes a catchy two-bar solo (and a little surprise key change), accents and tied notes to support the swinging feel and rhythmic content. It is based on only one three-note chord, so it can be played on both standard bass and free bass instruments.

The Douglas Ward page is now listing over 80 compositions and arrangements of eSheet and printed music available from Charnwood Publishing. Purchase with credit card online.


Updated Site: Franco Cambareri Two New Works Released - Australia

Alla SpagnolaFranco Cambareri has released two new compositions:

cfranco214 - Alla Spagnola
Alla Spagnola is a typical Happy Spanish Valse.

cfranco215 - Argentango
Argentango is a Melodic Tango with a Spanish touch.

These works are eSheet (pdf file, able to be emailed to you) and can be purchased online with secure server credit card.


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