'An Audience with the Accordion Champions' CD, Scotland, UK

'An Audience with the Accordion Champions' CD, Scotland, UK.

Written by: Rob Howard
Date written: 2020

On Sunday afternoon October 27th 2019 The Salutation Hotel in Perth was the venue for a special concert featuring several former All Scotland Accordion Champions. A full house audience were treated to performances by Jimmy Cassidy (1967), Jim Lindsay (1974), James Coutts (1992), Michael Philip (2000), Liam Stewart (2003 and 2013), and Leonard Brown (2012). 2019 Junior Irish traditional champions Myles (accordion) and April (fiddle) Macauley, 11 and 9 years old respectively, were special guests. Accompaniment was provided by pianist Graham Berry and Malcolm Ross on drums.

'An Audience with the Accordion Champions' CD, Scotland, UK CD cover

The CD 'An Audience with the Accordion Champions' features highlights from each of the artists, and includes audience reaction. The sound quality is excellent for a live recording, and the standard of playing is brilliant from start to finish. The concert organiser and compere was Leonard Brown, and the CD is available via his website and other internet sources.

Track list:

1967 Champion Jimmy Cassidy: (Reels) Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass/The Pipers Glass/Farquhar Matheson/John Gideon Jamieson of Cullivoe/Jean's Reel; (Valse musette) Ma Sablaise

1974 Champion Jim Lindsay: Root Beer Rag; (Medley) For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name/Ewan Fraser McGlynn/Phil Cunningham MBE/Kevin's Reel

1992 Champion James Coutts: (Jigs) Lady Charlotte Murray/Miss Isabella Robertson's Reel/Mrs Trotter of Castelaw's Reel/Miss Russell of Blackhall; (Tango) Spider Of The Night; (Scott Skinner Marches) Gordon Highlanders' March/Edgefauld House

2019 All Britain Irish Traditional Champions Myles and April Macaulay: (accordion and fiddle duet) Willie Coleman's Jig/ Morrison's Jig, (accordion solo) The Independence Hornpipe; (fiddle with piano accompaniment) Star of Munster/Tongs by the Fire

2000 Millennium Champion Michael Philip: (Waltzes) Eddie Wilson's Waltz/ Lass in the Green Dress/ Ann Murray of Sangsters; (Reels) Far Frae Hame/ Bunch Of Currants/The Skittery Felty/ Steven and Karlyn Carrick of Voe; (Slow Air) Farewell to Sumburgh Head

2003 and 2013 Champion Liam Stewart: Six Twenty Two Step; (Quicksteps) I Could Have Danced All Night/Sweet Georgia Brown

2012 Champion Leonard Brown: The Craic At Clashmore Hall/The Kiwi Pipers; (Iain MacPhail Reels) Miss CM Barbour/Miss Kay Rose/Miss Suzanne Barbour/ Compliments to the late Gordon Jamieson/Compliments to the late John Gibson; The Orange Blossom Special

Finale: all the champions together stramash: Donald Iain Rankine/Mrs Mary Printy/The New High Level.

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