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The purpose of this site is to provide a readily accessible information service about all aspects of the accordion, for accordionists, enthusiasts, accordion businesses and organisations. To develop and maintain a huge Accordion Yellow Pages database; a comprehensive worldwide list of accordionists, accordion services, products and other items of general interest. To encourage the general dissemination of information and maintain a high level of service to accordionists.

This site offers Free Listings, Weekly News, The Accordion Yellow Pages and many other free services. To help fund these free services, we host internet sites on Accordions Worldwide at extremely competitive prices. Those advertisers enjoy increased traffic to their site, from the advertising banners and links from all parts of our site.


The term "accordion" is used throughout this site as a generic term that applies to ALL free-reed bellows instruments. We want to support and promote the merits of them all..


The aim of this site is to benefit accordionists and accordion enthusiasts by effectively utilising the advantages of modern technology. We aim to assist the future growth and popularity of the accordion worldwide.


New Zealand has been chosen as the main office of Accordions Worldwide because it has one of the least regulated and most efficient market economies in the world. This means the cost of business is less than almost any country with a highly educated and skilled workforce, yet enjoying great natural beauty and a high standard of living.

English is the national language of New Zealand, but with many immigrants, it is easy to obtain translations of other languages. The accordion is a very popular instrument in New Zealand, and there are many well known and respected accordion personalities. New Zealand annually hosts the largest accordion competitions in the Southern Hemisphere.

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