Accordion Articles - Establishing the Chinese Accordion School


Written by: Ren Shirong
Publication: General
Date written: 3rd August 1993

Although the accordion is an import from Europe, it originates in the Chinese Cheng. China lags behind some other countries in terms of accordion playing, composition and theory. We are on the primary stage of basic accordion theory research, the level of normalised and systematic teaching is low except in music conservatories and teacher universities and colleges. We should make much effort to do some promoting work in these respects, especially to strengthen the nationalisation of the accordion art.

Reasons for Nationalising the Accordion Art

Music is a reflection of the social life and consequently the content of musical compositions is filled with feeling and will. The melody, musical colour, form and harmony of an ethnic group can arouse the feeling of the group. So a good emphasis of the art form typical of a nation could endow compositions with national style and make the nation like them, and at the same time, rank them with world famous musical pieces in the world because of their national style.

The Way to Strengthen the Construction of Accordion Nationalisation

Composing more accordion compositions with national style.
Embodying national style and characteristics in playing.
Embodying national characteristics in arranging chords.
Producing Chinese accordions.

The Relationship Between the Construction of the Accordion Nationalisation and the Founding of the Chinese Accordion School

The Chinese Accordion School is one with the characteristics of the Chinese nation. To fund such a school we will train a group of composers, accordionists, teachers and accordion producers.

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