2022 Reports

Report information will be added to the page as we receive details.
Please send information about 2022 World Accordion Day activies to:
Harley Jones, CIA Public Relations
Email: harleyjones.nz@yahoo.com

Australia Austria Bosnia & Herzogovina United States of America
Czech Republic New Zealand North Macedonia Mexico
Poland Russia Sweden Taiwan China


Date: 3 May 2022
Venue: Accordion Flame Concert, New Farm Bowls Club, 969 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD 4005.
Tickets: www.brisbaneunpluggedgigs.org/coming.asp
Contact: David De Santi
For more information tel: 0409 57 1788 or email: desantid@gmail.com
Further Info:
Flaming Accordion Club

7.30pm - Blackboard (3 x 10 minute spots - 2 songs max.) - arrive early and see the MC for a spot.
8.15 - 9.00 pm - North & Elsewhere
9.15 - 10.00 pm - Flaming Accordion Club featuring John Reeves, Kay Sullivan, Jack Meimaris, Steffy Gumienik, Jackson Church and David De Santi

ENTRY: $10
Tickets only at the door.

There is a full bar and food is available at reasonable prices.
Seating capacity - 100 comfortable.


'North and Elsewhere' perform unique indie-folk music with a strong sense of harmony. Their songs capture audiences with heartfelt stories of Mother Earth, fighting for social justice and their personal battles with mental health. Multi-award-winning songwriters, sisters Hazel and Roanna released their debut EP in 2021. www.instagram.com/north.and.elsewhere

Flaming Accordion Club

FLAMING ACCORDION CLUB Celebrate International Accordion Day (6 May) early. John Reeves, Kay Sullivan, Jack Meimaris, Steffy Gumienik, Jackson Church and David De Santi come together for a blazing evening of variety accordion styles.
Expect some hot reels, warm cosy lullabies, flaming tangos, sizzling polkas and plenty of accordion jokes.
Backing band includes Sam De Santi and Benja King.

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Dates: May 26-29, 2022, June 16-19, 2022
Venue: Olimia Terme (Slovenia); Perg (Upper Austria)
Contact: www.harmonikaverband.at or email w.weibert@kabsi.at

Further Info:

WM Diatonic Competition poster
Download poster

The 12th International Competition for Diatonic Accordion (Styrian type) for soloists will be held at the "Terme Olimia" in Podcetrtek, Slovenia from May 26th to 29th, 2022. The event is organised by the Harmonikaverband Osterreichs (HVO Austrian Accordion & Harmonica Association), in conjunction with the Slovenian Association ZDHS, Terme Olimia and Sudklang Harmonicas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Perg logo

The 2022 Tag der Harmonika will be held at the New Middle School City Centre in Perg, Upper Austria from June 16th to 19th 2022 organised by the HVÖ Harmonikaverband Osterreichs (Harmonica Association of Austria). This 29th Austrian competition is for accordion soloists, duos, ensembles and orchestras playing a variety of concert music, light music, chamber music and world music.

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Bosnia & Herzogovina

Date: 6 May 2022, 19:00
Venue: Gala Assembly of the first BH Accordion Association "BArte" in Sarajevo, followed by Concert. Bošnjački institut fondacija Adil Zulfikarpašić
Contact: D.M.A. Belma Šarančić, Accordion professor, Academy of music, University of Sarajevo
Email: belma.sarancic@mas.unsa.ba Phone: +387 61 563 415

Further Info:

The Gala Assembly of the first BH Accordion Association "BArte". "BArte '' is established with the primary purpose of unification of Bosnian accordionists, development of BH accordion and artistic-pedagogical cooperation at all levels of creativity.

Bosnia & Herzogovina Concert Poster

After the Gala Assembly, there will be a Concert introducing young BH accordion players from 10 Bosnian cities representing the teaching of about 20 accordion teachers. We are honored and pleased that, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the International World Accordion Day, accordion department of Sarajevo Music Academy, will be fulfilling the basic mission of May 6, that is, uniting the BH accordionists.

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Czech Republic

Date: 6 May 2022, 19:00
Venue: Concert Hall of Prague Conservatory
Prague Conservatory
Video on Facebook: https://fb.me/e/2usfE72Zn
Contact: MgA. Jiří Lukeš
Email: jiri.luk@gmail.com

Further Info:

The Prague Conservatory with the Society of Czech Accordionists (www.accordion.cz/sca) have organized a concert “In memoriam of Jiří Trnka, Václav Trojan and Milan Bláha.”
Download: Printed program

Czech Concert Poster

The Czech artist, puppeteer and illustrator Jiří Trnka collaborated on several projects with the composer Václav Trojan, who later, by an impulse from Milan Bláha, created some chamber music inspired just by music for Jiří Trnka. The concert is going to be opened by Trojan’s suite “The Emperor’s Nightingale” for violin, guitar and accordion, based on a fairytale by H. Ch. Andersen. There will also be compositions by Petr Fiala, Eduard Douša, Jan Truhlář, Jindřich Feld, Jiří Laburda or Jan Kotrč. The concert is going to be closed by two compositions by Pavel Trojan whose accordion chamber music CD has been recently released. During the concert, “Trojan Trio” (Viktor Mazáček - violin, Jára Novák - guitar, Ladislav Horák - accordion) will perform as well as soloists Josef Hřebík, Jiří Lukeš and Petr Vacek, pianist Aneta Majerová Dorůžková and students of the accordion department of the Prague Conservatory.

The whole concert will be streamed on the Facebook account of the International Accordion Days of Prague. https://fb.me/e/2usfE72Zn

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United States of America (USA)

Date: 6-8 May 2022
Venue: World of Accordions Museum (AWAM)
AWAM header
Contact: Helmi Strahl Harrington, Ph.D. Curator, Executive Director Harrington ARTS Center (HARTS) and AWAM,
For more information call (218) 393-0245 or email: aworldofaccordions@gmail.com

Further Info:

Report of event with pictures and videos

AWAM WAD poster

A World of Accordions welcomes you to our 3-Day Accordion Festival May 6-8, 2022

A World of Accordions World Accordion Day (WAD) and Palmer Festivals will take place from May 6-8, 2022 in Superior, Wisconsin at The Harrington ARTS Center, home of the A World Of Accordions Museum (AWAM). On Friday May 6, 2022 World Accordion Day will be celebrated by a variety of lectures, demonstrations, and concerts. The theme for this day will be Cyril Demian Accordion Patent Celebration.

The following day, Saturday May 7, 2022 will be the annual Palmer Festival with more exciting lectures and fun accordion concerts and demonstrations. The third day, Sunday May 8, 2022 will include several accordion based polka morning services, and tours of the A World of Accordions Museum in the afternoon.

Dr. Helmi Harrington welcomes all, “On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to A World of Accordions Museum. Located in magnificent upper midwest of the USA, you will find the Museum nestled in the beautiful location of Superior, WI, just minutes away from Duluth, MN. Whether you are in the nearby Minneapolis area, maybe enjoying a shopping expedition at the Mall of America, or heading north of Minneapolis towards the great vistas of upper Minnesota and Wisconsin or neighboring Canada, be sure to include a visit to the Museum as a side trip or a stopover as part of your journey. You won't be disappointed!

A World of Accordions Museum is nationally and internationally recognized as holding the world's finest and most comprehensive collection of accordion-family instruments shown in 130 plus displays organized to show chronological evolution, countries of origin, specific usage and quality classifications.“

Printed Schedule pdf

Report of event with pictures and videos

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North Macedonia

Date: 7th May
Venue: World Accordion Day (WAD) Concert, Philharmony in Skopje
Contact: Macedonian Association of Accordionists “Ljubiteli na klasichna muzika” (MAA)
Report of event with excellent pictures

Further Info:

MAA President: Zorica Karakutovska writes that "since the very beginning in 2009, the Macedonian Association of Accordionists "Ljubiteli na klasichna muzika" (MAA) – Skopje has supported the CIA international project "May 6th World Accordion Day" (WAD) with various exciting musical events.

This year, for the 14th time, the association is organizing a solemn concert marking the celebration of the international WAD and birthday celebration of the instrument."

Above is the poster for the WAD Concert being held in the hall of the Philharmony in Skopje, on May 7th. Download poster: 2022Skopje.pdf

At this year’s concert, the special guest Mirco Patarini (Italy) will perform the premiere of the composition "Dafino" by the famous Macdeonian composer Bete Ilin. The composition has been especially composed for this event and is dedicated to the CIA President Mirco Patarini and to supporting WAD.

Bete Ilin has composed many accordion works that have been performed in nearly every continent of the world. MAA President and Faculty of Music Skopje professor Zorica Karakutovska has also premiered a number of works composed by Bete Ilin who in 2015, was presented the CIA Honored Friend of the Accordion Award in Finland for her services to the accordion.

A full report of the 2022 MAA concert also featuring many established musicians on May 7th, will be published in this website.

Report of event with excellent pictures

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New Zealand

Date: 6th May 2022
Venue: Online
Contact: Heather Masefield

Further Info:

North Shore Accordion Orchestra Reunion 50 years - New Zealand

North Shore Accordion Orchestra Inc celebrates 50 years with a Reunion video with former players from around the world playing along with the original recording in the background.

Thanks to Gary Daverne ONZM for this arrangement of Swingin Safari by Bert Kamfert and to sound engineer Grayson Masefield.

Original members, all of whom had children also played in these orchestras, feature along with Accordions Worldwide Editor Christine Johnstone and founder of Accordion Worldwide Harley Jones.

The North Shore Accordion Orchestra made 6 major international tours, to Europe, North America and Asia including first accordion orchestra to tour China, receiving many standing ovations for their concerts. They recorded 4 albums, which remain available as mp3 albums. Three Musical Directors, Fay-Ellen Schaw (conductor), Harley Jones and Heather Masefield.

View and hear sound samples at: http://www.musicforaccordion.com/inform/anzao/index.htm

To celebrate World Accordion Day, if you want a free download of any of these albums, send a email request to: musicforacc.com@yahoo.com

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Date: 06 May 2022, 19:00 hours
Venue: Radio Station: Opus 94, 94.5 FM (México City)
Contact: Antonio Barberena
Email: byacsa@prodigy.net.mx

Further Info:

For the day of the accordion we will have a special radio program:

- Stanislav Jusufovic
- Yuri Sidorov
- Warsaw Accordion Quintet
- Oivind Farmen
- Lars Karlsson
- Sivuca
- Renato Borghetti

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Date: 20 May 2022, 19:00 hours
Venue: Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk, Łąkowa Street 1/2
Contact: Paweł Zagańczyk | Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk

Further Info:

Orkiestra Akordeonowa - Oblivion, Oblivion" by Astor Piazzolla (arr. Dario Glavaš) performed by accordion orchestra during the memorial concert of Prof. Józef Madanowski at the Music Academy in Gdansk. Solo bandoneon Paweł Wiśniewski

On the occasion of World Accordion Day, which falls every year in May, the Academic Accordionists’ Society in Gdańsk would like to invite you to an extraordinary concert. The concert will take place on the 20th of May, in the Concert Hall of Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk.

This event is going to be unusual because of the performing groups – three accordion orchestras: Accordion Orchestra Pulsanti, led by dr hab. Paweł Zagańczyk, Kashubian Accordion Orchestra and Chamber Accordion Orchestra Arti Sentemo, led by Zbigniew Czuryło. The performers will present a very varied repertoire showing different styles and composers such as A. Khachaturian, G. Rossini, J. Brahms, F. von Suppe, G. Bizet, M. Lorenc, W. Kilar or N. Rizol.

Finally, there will also take place a premiere of Enigma, a new piece dedicated to the Accordion Orchestra Pulsanti, written by Krzysztof Falkowski.

Academy of Music in Gdańsk has been organizing World Accordion Day from many years now. During these events participants had an opportunity to take part in many interesting lectures, concerts, workshops and premieres of accordion pieces.

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Date: 6th May
Venue: Karlssons Musik, Äskebacka, SE-430 33 Fjärås, Sweden.
Contact: Sven Karlsson

Further Info:

World Accordion Day 2022 - Dragspelets Dag hos Karlssons Musik!

Now it's finally time to invite you to an open house in our shop again during the celebration of World Accordion Day! After a couple of years of livestream due to corona, we can once again celebrate this "for real".

We usually have different artists performing during the day on 3 different occasions and the last few times we have invited to collaborate with one of the different factories that we work with in Italy!

This year there will be a little Pigini theme and we have the great honour to have a visit from Francesca Pigini who will be here to represent this world leading factory in Italy. We are pleased to present this year's artists. "Check Accordion Trio" comes from the Czech Republic and brilliantly plays a wide range of music, then comes Björn Nilsson from Lidhult who was one of the great young talents on accordion during the 80's & 90's but who has not performed in an accordion context for a very long time.

Of course we will offer coffee and cakes during the day, we have some special offers and the different performances will be at 2pm, 4pm & 6pm.

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Date: 7th May, 15:00
Venue: Kulturskolan Stockholm/Stockholm’s school of arts
Contact: Kulturskolan Stockholm/Stockholm’s school of arts
Contact Email: olga.vetosjkina@edu.stockholm.se

Further Info:

We celebrate World Accordion Day with a concert and party. On stage accordion students in ages 7-19 years old from different music schools in Stockholm and from Ukraine. Our young accordion players will introduce music in various styles as solo, ensembles and finally big band.

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Taiwan China

Date: May 6th to 9th, 2022
Venue: Online
Contact: Vincent Tsai
Email: infoaccordion@gmail.com

Further Info:

The Taiwan & World Accordion Festival will be held online from May 6th to 9th, 2022 and will include a variety of concerts and workshops.

Performers are:
Julian Labro (France/USA)
Nighteentael (Taiwan) - Achino on accordion and Ricky on violin
Kite Flying Band (Taiwan) - Vincent Tsai on accordion
Lee Chen-Chung (bandoneon) & Roberto Zayas (Taiwan/Paraguay)
Shui Hou Gu Shi (Taiwan – Chieh on accordion)
Hulunbuir Duo (Taiwan/Inner Mongolia) picture above right
Accordion and Bayan duo, Wang Xue & Co Co Chang who interpret new arrangements of traditional Mongolian music.
Eskemm (Taiwan/France) accordionists Alexis & Lin Chen-Chin
Saburo Tanooka (Japan) picture above left
Manabu Hiyama (Japan)
Roberto Gervasi (Italy)
Romeo Aichino (Italy)
Algy Wu (Taiwan) – bandoneon
Meguree (Japan) - Ree (Risa Yoshioka) and Meme (Megumi Tsuchiya) – picture below

Ticket Sets

​*Video link will be sent 1 hour before the premiere via e-mail.
*Zoom link will be sent 1 hour before the session.

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Date: March 19th. The All-Russian Day of Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica is celebrated each year (on the third Saturday in March) at the Gnesins RAM Concert Hall in Moscow. The Department of Bayan and Accordion of the Gnesins RAM established the event with project manager being Friedrich Lips.
Venue: Gnesins RAM Concert Hall
Contact: Gnesins RAM, Moscow, Friedrich Lips

Further Info:

Program in English below video.

Download poster for details: 2022AllRussiaPoster.pdf

The All-Russian Day of Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica is also Russia's contribution to World Accordion Day (May 6th) because that date clashes with a Russian National Holiday, so for that reason, the All-Russian Day of Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica is held in March annually.

The Department of the Bayan and Accordion of the Gnesins RAM established the event with project manager, Friedrich Lips. The aim of the event is to become part of a national cultural project.

The initiative began in 2010 and demonstrated great enthusiasm in all regions of Russia, both from amateurs and professional musicians, and resulted in a truly national celebration.

It is worth noting that throughout the twentieth century these instruments were an integral part of the life of the peoples of Russia: Russians, Tatars, Bashkir, Ukrainians and many others and that the bayan, harmonica and accordion played an important role during the World War II of 1941-1945.

Video: Allow a few seconds for the video file to load. Video starts at 1:35
Concert dedicated to the All Russia Day of bayan, accordion and garmonica at RAM ''Gnesin'' Concert hall on 20 March 2022. 2022AllRussiaMusicList.pdf

Program in English

J.S. Bach - Prelude & Fugue in B minor
Performed by Nikita Ukrainskiy (bayan) – 1st Prize at the 4th All-Russian Competition „Baroque music on the bayan and the accordion” in Moscow

D. Scarlatti – Sonata in C Minor
Performed by Maxime Kusnetsov (accordion) – 1st Prize at the 4th All-Russian Competition „Baroque music on the bayan and the accordion” in Moscow

J.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major in 3 movements:
Part 1 – Allegro
Part 2 - Dedication to J.S. Bach (version by V.A. Semyonov)
Part 3 – Allegro
Performers: Alexander Komelkov and Denis Koptelov - 2nd Prize of the 3rd All-Russian Competition in Tula

D. Scarlatti - Sonata in F minor
V. Ryabov - River of love
Performed by Robert Alevetdinov - 2nd Prize at the 3rd All-Russian Competition in Krasnoyarsk

A. Kusyakov - Sonata No. 6
Performed by Ruslan Kochkin - 3rd Prize at the 3rd All-Russian Competition in Krasnoyarsk

D. Scarlatti - Sonata in C major
F. Mendelssohn – Serious Variations
Performed by Alexey Pankratov - 1st prize at the 3rd All-Russian Competition in Krasnoyarsk

E. Derbenko - Village virtuosos
Performed by the laureate of all-Russian and international competitions Pavel Fomin (harmonica)

K. Nielsen - Helios Overture
A. Piazzolla - Bandoneon
Performed by the duet "Fusion" consisting of Ilona Savina (accordion) and Nikita Ukrainskiy (bayan)

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