Director: Kevin Friedrich (USA)
Assistant Director: Kimmo Mattila (Finland)
Executive Officer: Raymond Bodell (United Kingdom)
Executive Officer: Harley Jones (New Zealand)

Welcome to the World Accordion Museum Alliance (WAMA)

The World Accordion Museum Alliance is a global initiative held under the auspices of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA), to coordinate the efforts of Accordion Museums and collectors around the world. Within the CIA member nations, Accordion Museums are found in Austria, China, Finland, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, the USA and more, with private collections being held in many other member nations. We aim to unify our collective efforts to ensure that the history and development of our instrument is protected well into the future.

World Accordion Museum Alliance (WAMA) Mission Statement

The World Accordion Museum Alliance is an International partnership committed to the conservation, protection and promotion of our global accordion heritage. Our common responsibility is to preserve our accordion related treasures, document the accordion's cultural heritage, encourage discoveries and tell our story for future generations.

World Accordion Museum Alliance (WAMA) Global Initiatives

WAMA aims to carry out International missions in association with the CIA and its member nations, affording the opportunity to discuss and reflect on museum and heritage related issues such as: documenting and digitalization of accordion heritage information as found in various cultures represented by its member nations; developing a digital platform where information can be researched and shared; creating a global data base of instrument collections utilizing recognized Museum standards; exploring enhanced business models for Museums’ financial sustainability; building alliances and partnerships within and outside of the Museum field and ensuring future generations of Museum leadership and collection entrustment.

World Accordion Museum Alliance (WAMA) - Membership

Accordion Museum Member (Museum facility regularly open to the general public)
Individual Collector (collection that can be viewed by appointment)
Individual Member (interested parties and private collectors)
Honorary Member (renowned individuals with accordion repair and preservation expertise)
Benefactor (those wishing to assist both physically and financially)