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Final CIA Gala Concert in famed Pesti Vigado Hall - Budapest
The Gala Concert Closing Ceremony of the 56th Coupe Mondiale took place in the famed Pesti Vigado Concert Hall in central Budapest.

This spectacular Gala Concert, organized by President of the Hungarian Accordion Association Panna Grigoncza was recorded by both National Hungarian TV and National Hungarian Radio, the concert will be presented on National TV in January.

The Pesti Vigado (place for merriment) was destroyed in the 1848/49 Hungarian war of independence and was later reconstructed in 1865. Today it is one of Hungary's principal architectural monuments. Its interior spaces are decorated with frescoes with themes by Karoly Lotz and Mor Tahn. Most of the statues were created by the sculptor Karoly Alexy. The Vigado was was seriously damaged in the Second World War and was reopened again in 1980.

Franz Liszt appeared in the Vigado on several occasions, even together with Richard Wagner once. Other famous composers to have given concerts here were Brahms, Saint-Saens and Debussy. The Vigado was a second home to the most celebrated Hungarian composers Dohnanyi, Bartok and Kodaly.

The concert program featured:
Closing Ceremony Gala Concert
Pesti Vigado Concert Hall - Budapest Hungary
October 26, 2003

Concert Host - Panna Grigoncza (Hungary)
President - Hungarian Accordion Association
  • Welcome Speech by Kevin Friedrich (USA) - President of CIA

  • Tabanyi Mihaly (Hungary) - Accordion

  • Maria Concertino (Italy) - Winner
    Junior Virtuoso Entertainment

  • Pavel Mangasarian (Russia) - Winner
    International Competition for Piano Accoridon

  • World Premiere - Osbemutato by Mate Hollos
    Alexander Poeluev - 2002 Coupe Mondiale World Champion


  • Budapest Klezmer Band

  • Alexander Poeluev (Russia) - 2002 CIA World Accordion Champion

  • Alexey Peresidly (Russia) - Runner up
    2003 CIA Coupe Mondiale Champion

  • Nikolay Sivchuk (Russia) - Winner
    2003 Coupe Mondiale

  • Duo Ugoria (Russia)
    Alexey Peresidly - Nikolay Sivchuk

  • Tabany Mihaly (Hungary)
    Presentation of Hungarian Accordion Award
Famous Hungarian Accordionist Tabanyi Mihaly
Tabanyi Mihaly is one of the most interesting and versatile personalities of Hungarian pop music and jazz.

His vast number of recordings and thousands of performances are legendary. The life long success of this accordion artist is based on his extraordinary talent and excellent education he received while studying at the Academy of Music.

Mihaly Tabany, a living legend, still performs on stage at the age of eighty two. The ageless musician has enjoyed undiminished popularity for over sixty years.

In the forties he took the most active part in elaborating Hungarian jazz and dance music and he has become the first and most prestigious representative of swing stile accordion music in Hungary.

Tabany has developed a network of eminently skilled musicians around him. He performs jazz improvisations on Hungarian folk music.

At the CIA Gala Closing Concert in Budapest, Tabanyi (pictured left) was presented with an award from the Hungarian Accordion Association for his contributions to the Accordion movement in Hungary.
World Premiere Performance of Hungarian Composition "Osbemutato."
The Gala Closing Concert of the 56th Coupe Mondiale featured the World Premiere of the new work 'Osbemutato' by Hungarian composer Mate Hollos.

Hollos is the winner of the Bartok and Erkel-Pastory Award and the President of the Hungarian Composers Association.

He was commissioned by the Hungarian Accordion Association to write this work for the 56th Coupe Mondiale Gala Concert.

The performance was given by 2002 CIA Coupe Mondiale Alexander Poeluev from Russia.
Winner of the International Competition for Piano Accordion

Pavel Mangasakian was born in 1977 in Saratov which is on the Volga River approximately 800km from Moscow.

He began playing the accordion at the age of seven with his teacher Mr. Kiseliel. He also studied with Mr. Gromov before attending the Conservatory of Music in Saratov studying with Professor B. Aron.

After completing his studies in Saratov Pavel moved to Moscow to begin studies with Viatchselav Semionov at the Gnessin Institute where he is working on his post Graduate studies in Performance.

In 1996 he won Third Prize in the Accordion competition of St. Petersburg named after Andreev.

Pavel is scheduled to complete his studies in 2004 and hope to pursue a career as a concert artist.

Pavel lives in Moscow with his wife and in his spare time enjoys Sports, Fishing and listening to Classical Music.

Winner of 2003 Coupe Mondiale - Nikolay Sivchuk
Nikolay Sivchuk was born in 1981 in Surgut located in Northern Siberia. He studied at the Music School A. Korol and the Music College L. Kuzakin.

In 2000 Nikolay moved to Moscow and began studying with Professor Viatcheslav Semionov at the Gnessin Institute.

He is a member of the duo "Ugoria" with fellow accordionist Alexi Peresidly. In 2002 this duo took First Prize at the International Competition for Accordion Duo in Klingentahl.

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