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Coupe Mondiale Results

Junior Coupe Mondiale Final Round

Jury for the Junior Coupe Mondiale
  • Stephen Vincent, New Zealand
  • Maddalena Belfiore, USA
  • Quang Minh Luu, Vietnam
  • Bogdan Dowlasz, Poland
  • Gianluca Pica, (Chairman) Italy
  • Vjera Odak-Jembrih - Croatia
  • Alexander Dimitriev, Russia
  • Melinda Meszaros, Hungary
  • Nathalie Boucheix, France
  • Vladimir Mandic, Serbia and Montenegro
Contestants and Delegates were surprised today to find it snowing as they began making their way to the various competition venues.

Today saw the final round (Round II) of the Junior Coupe Mondiale. The top 13 candidates from Round I progressed to the Final Round which required the candidates to perform.
  • OWN CHOICE PROGRAMME: Two (2) pieces must be played which must include one original work for accordion. Individual movements from cyclic works are acceptable.
  • Playing time: minimum 10 minutes to maximum 15 minutes playing time.

  • Josip NEMET (Croatia)
  • Ivan SARIC (Serbia & Montenegro)
  • Frantisek RYCHTARIK (Slovakia)
  • Ivan SVERKO (Croatia)
  • Nemanja DRAZIC (Serbia & Montenegro)
  • Pauli MOGENSEN (Denmark)
  • Miljan BELOICA (Serbia & Montenegro) (above right)
  • Anton TORBEEV (Russia)
  • Andrea CARUSO (USA) (right)
  • Hana KOVALCIKOVA (Czech Republic)
  • Larysa BODELL (United Kingdom)
  • Nenad ERCEGOVCEVIC (Serbia & Montenegro)
  • Amandine SOULARD (France)

The competition took place in the Town Hall, a beautiful Concert Hall located in the center of Esztergom.

Contestants Anton TORBEEV (Russia) and Amandine SOULARD (France)
Larysa BODELL (United Kingdom) and Nenad ERCEGOVCEVIC (Serbia & Montenegro)
Chamber Music Competition

Jury for the International Competition for Chamber Music

  • Jun Chen, China
  • John Leslie, United Kingdom
  • Giullaume Rollet, France
  • Joan Sommers, (Chairman) USA
  • Viatcheslav Semionov, Russia
  • Raymondas Sviackievicius, Lithuania
  • Miljan Bjeletic, Serbia & Montenegro
  • Zorica Karakutovska, Macedonia

This year four candidates registered for the International Competition for Chamber Music:

  • Duet "CADENCE" (Ukraine)
    Sergei Berinski: Marinlandscape
    Rodion Shtchedrin: Hommage á Albéniz
    Vitautas Germanavicius: Cadenza

  • Bayan Trio Meisl (Czech Republic)
    Zsolt Deli (Hungary)
    Gábor Kerek: Á la Barock Op.118, I.Fuga
    Astor Piazzolla: Fugata from Silfo
    Astor Piazzolla: Oblivion

  • Duo Krzyzanowski (Poland)
    Sofia Gubaidulina: In Croce
    Astor Piazzolla: L´Evasion

One more contestant is scheduled to perform tomorrow morning. With some timertabling changes the International Competition for Chamber Music was scheduled for Saturday, however was moved back to Friday to accommodation concert venues and the number of candidates in the various categories.

One of the contestants was unable to perform on the new timetabled schedule, so the jury agreed to keep the category open until the final candidate performed on Saturday morning.

Pictured above are Duet Cadence from the Ukraine and to the left are Duo Krzyzanowski from Poland.

Virtusoso Entertainment Competition Part II

some of the members of the Virtuoso Entertainment Category Jury

This year the Senior Virtuoso Category was presented in concert form, with the contestants playing to a capacity audience of over 500 people providing an exciting atmosphere for the contestants and audience alike. To enable both both Coupe Mondiale organizers to present this outstanding event, the category was split between the two organizers.

The first group performed on Tuesday evening in Sturovo, and this evening this last group performed in the Town Hall in Esztergom.

This evenings contestants included:

  • Vincent Canrenzi, France (right)
  • Aurelie Gusto , France
  • Julia Collin, France
  • Fanny Dillot, France
  • Cedric Gritti, France
  • Philip Bouvier, France


Aurelie Gusto , France and Julia Collin, France
French candidate Philip Bouvier
from France - Cedric Gritti and Fanny Dillot
Zoltan Orosz and The Budapest Accordion Trio
Accordionist Zoltan Orosz (left) was the star of the night with both his duo performance with Guitarist Gabor Ursu and with the Hungaryian Accordion Trio with fellow accordionists Gabor Weber and bass accordionist Isvan Horvath.

The program opened with the Guitar/Accordion duo performing a rich collection of traditional Hungarian Music as well as other traditional folk music from South America to Russia.

The second half of the program was with his trio, the Budapest Accordion Trio which was formed in 1993. Performing a mixture of well-known classics from composers such as Mozart, Vivaldi, Rimsky Korsakov the Trio were welcomed back to the stage for several curtain calls.

The star accordionist is Zoltan Orosz. With superb crisp technical skill, his lightening quick fingers covered the keyboard like magic. Three times Hungarian Accordion Champion, he has torued in both Hungary and abroad.

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