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Coupe Mondiale Results

Jury Members for the 2003 Coupe Mondiale
  • Coupe Mondiale Senior
  • Chamber Music
  • Variete Senior
    (pictured from left to right)
      • Tania Lukic-Marx, Australia
      • John Leslie, UK
      • Janka Halacova, Slovakia
      • Frederic Deschamps, (Coupe Mondiale) France
      • Jun Chen, China
      • Joan Sommers, (Chairman) USA
      • Viatcheslav Semionov, Russia
      • Giullaume Rollet, (Chamber + Variete) France (not pictured)
      • Raymondas Sviackievicius, Lithuania
      • Miljan Bjeletic, Serbia & Montenegro
      • Zorica Karakutovska, Macedonia
  • Coupe Mondiale Junior
  • International Competition for Piano Accordion
  • Variete Junior
    (Pictured from right to left)
      • Vladimir Mandic, Serbia and Montenegro
      • Gianluca Pica, (Chairman) Italy
      • Nathalie Boucheix, France
      • Quang Minh Luu, Vietnam
      • Alexander Dimitriev, (Coupe Mondiale Junior) Russia
      • Melinda Meszaros, Hungary
      • Rebekah Greig, (Piano Category) New Zealand
      • Maddalena Belfiore, USA
      • Stephen Vincent, (Junior Coupe Mondiale, Virtuoso and Junior Virtuoso) New Zealand
      • Madis Sander, Estonia
      • Bogdan Dowlasz, Poland
Coupe Mondiale Round I
Round I of the Coupe Mondiale began this morning, with 11 contestant peforming the First Round which consisted of:
  • Testpiece: "Holiday Memories" by Stanislav Hochel (right)
    (1) Polka
    (2) Lullaby
    (3) Valse
    (4) Perpetuum Mobile
    (5) Quasi Tango

    Candidate must choose any THREE (3) movements. The Test Piece is available on request from the CIA Secretariat or you may request it online.
  • any Prelude and Fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier, Book I or II, by J.S. Bach
  • any Sonata by Domenico Scarlatti
    (The Testpiece (any three movements), the Bach Prelude & Fugue and the Scarlatti Sonata must be played in one sitting and may be played in any order.)

Candidate playing order was:

  • Xia Gong, China
  • Milan Lazic, Serbia and Montenegro
  • Mathilde Royet, France
  • Alexi Peresidly, Russia
  • Michal Rzeszut, Poland
  • Milan Osadsky, Slovkia
  • Zsanett Szaczker, Hungary
  • Albert Khatmullin, Russia
  • Nadejda Guseva, Russia
  • Nikolai Sivchuk, Russia
  • Li Long, China


Junior Coupe Mondiale Round I

Contestants in the Junior Coupe Mondiale drew the following playing order:

  • Andrea Caurso, USA
  • Pavel Stepanenko, Ukraine (right)
  • Hana Kovalcikova, Czech Republic
  • Larysa Bodell, United Kingdom
  • Frantisek Rychtarik, Slovakia
  • Lada Uncovska, Czech Republic
  • Anton Torbeev, Russia
  • Ivan Sverko, Croatia
  • Amandine Soulard, France
  • Josip Nemet, Croatia
  • Ivan Saric, Serbia and Montenegro
  • Jan Brtka, Serbia and Montenegro
  • Nemanja Drazic, Serbia and Montenegro
  • Miljan Beloica, Serbia and Montenegro
  • Nenad Ercegovcevic, Serbia and Montenegro
  • Pauli Mogensen, Denmark


Virtuoso Entertainment Category:
Pictured is contestant Marie-Andree Joerger from Italy
The Senior Virtuoso Entertainment Category jury pictured in front of the capacity audience

This year the Senior Virtuoso Category was presented in concert form, with the contestants playing to a capacity audience of over 500 people providing an exciting atmosphere for the contestants and audience alike.

The first group performed this evening in Sturovo, and the last contestants will perform in a similar concert format once the Coupe Mondiale moves accross the Danube to continue in Esztergom.

This evenings contestants included:

  • Laurent Derache, France (right)
  • Amelie Castel, France
  • Guillaume Lopez, France
  • Marie-Andree Joerger, Italy
  • Martinas Norvilas, Lithuania
  • Jeremy La Fon, France
  • Marcin Wyrostek, Poland
Pictured above are contestants Jeremy La Fon, France and Martinas Norvilas from Lithuania
CIA Music Chairperson Frederic Deschamps (France) and CIA Public Relations Manager Harley Jones (Fiji) pictured after the Competition-Concert.

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