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Coupe Mondiale Results

Arrival In Sturovo, Slovakia
Most contestants, delegates and visitors to the 2003 Coupe Mondiale arrived in Budapest and either drove or took the train to Štúrovo, Slovakia. About 1 1/2 hours from Budapest, the roads were well marked for the arrival at the Hotel Thermal Headquarters of the 56th Coupe Mondiale.
Music Committee Meeting
The first meeting of delegates was held by the CIA Music Committee. The Music Committee is responsible of the musical aspects pertaining to the CIA and the Competitions. Many tasks are worked on including competition programs, future Test Pieces and arranging the jury panels.

Members in attendance were: Chairman of the Music Committee - Frederic Deschamps, France Vice Chairperson - Joan C. Sommers, USA, Committee Members: John Leslie - United Kingdom, Harley Jones - Fiji, Viatchislav Semionov - Russia. (Absent: Max Bonnay - France and Jacques Mornet - France).

Pictured left to right: Joan Sommers, Harley Jones, Ray Bodell (Secretary of the Music Committee) Viatchislav Semionov, John Leslie and Frederic Deschamps.
110th General Assembly of Delegates

The 110th General Assembly of Delegates took place at the CIA Headquarters, the Hotel Thermal in Štúrovo, Slovakia.

In attendance were some 32 delegates representing countries from as far afield as Vietnam, Australia, China, USA and many others.

Delegates are:

  • Kevin Friedrich - USA
  • Raymond Bodell - UK
  • Walter Maurer - Austria
  • Kimmo Mattila - Finland
  • Tibor Racz - Slovakia
  • Panna Grigoncza - Hungary
  • Alexander Dmitriev - Russia
  • John Leslie - UK
  • Frederic Deschamps - France
  • Guillaume Rollet - France
  • Raimondas Sviackevicius - Lithuania
  • Bogdan Dowlasz - Poland
  • Cheng Lu - China
  • Alfred Renner - Denmark
  • Luu Quang Minh - Vietnam
  • Vjera Odak-Jembrih - Croatia
  • Miljan Bjeletic - Serbia & Montenegro
  • Nathalie Boucheix - France
  • Vladimir Mandic - Serbia & Montenegro
  • Melinda Meszaros - Hungary
  • Panna Grigoncza - Hungary
  • Vladislav Kreysz - Hungary
  • Gianluca Pica - Italy
  • Viatcheslav Semionov - Russia
  • Harley Jones - New Zealand
  • Stephen Vincent - New Zealand
  • Faithe Deffner - USA
  • Joan C Sommers - USA
  • Maddalena Belfiore - USA
  • Rebekah Greig - Australia
  • Tania Lukic-Marx - Australia
  • Zorica Karakutovska - Macedonia
Opening Ceremony Concert

To officially open the 56th Coupe Mondiale in Štúrovo, Slovakia and Esztergom, Hungary the Ministry of Culture sponsored an opening Ceremony Concert featuring the Bratislava Music School Symphony Orchestra with accordion Soloist Michal Polak.

Welcoming speeches were offered by the Ministry of Culture representative Robert Dohanyos and CIA President Kevin Friedrich.

After a Cello Concerto featuring soloist Viktoria Verbovska, the concert was concluded by an outstanding performance by the 2002 CIA Coupe Mondiale Winner Alexander Poeluev from Russia. Alexander was extremely well received and was called back to the stage for several encores.

Please see below for the Concert Program.

Opening Ceremony Concert

Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra Opus 62 - Igo Dibak
Bratislava State Conservatory Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Julius Karaba - Slovakia
Michal Polak - Czech Republic, Accordion Soloist

Welcome Speech by Robert Dohanyos,
(Director General General Department of Ministry of Culture)

Welcome Speech by Kevin Friedrich, President of CIA

Concert for Cello and Orchestra Op. 33 - Camille Saint-Saens
Conductor: Harry Brasser, Holland
Viktoria Verbovska - Slovakia, Cello Soloist


Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue - JS Bach
Prelude, Aria and Rigaudon from Holberg Suite - Edvard Grieg
Prelude, Scherzo, Ballade, Improvisation - Anatoly Kusiakov
Oblivion - Astor Piazzolla
Alexander Poeluev - Russia

Reception of Mayor of Sturovo
After the concert, CIA Executive Committee members, Music Committee members, delegates and visitors were treated to a reception in the Town Hall by the Mayor of Štúrovo - His Excellency Mr. Jan Oravec. Mr. Oravec extended a warm welcome to the International delegation and offered his sincerest hospitality during the running of the 56 Coupe Mondiale.

The CIA President provided an official welcome Toast to all the delegates and guests which formally opened the reception buffet. Pictured right are Jurgen Ganzer - Germany (composer) and Raimondas Sviackevicius from Lithuania at the Mayor's reception.
Pictured left are Coupe Mondiale organizer Panna Grigoncza, President of the Hungarian Accordion Association, CIA President - Kevin Friedrich and Slovakian Organizer Tibor Racz, Artistic Director of the Methodical Centre of Accordion "Marta Szokeová" (MCA) in Bratislava during the Mayor's Reception.

Pictured right are Maddalena Belfiore - USA (Past Vice President of the CIA - 15 years), immediate Past President of the American Accordionists Association and current Festival director of the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International Faithe Deffner with the CIA General Secretary Mr. Walter Maurer from Austria.

Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) - General Secretary
Dietrichgasse 51/19, A - 1030, Vienna, AUSTRIA   Phone/Fax: +43 1-712 0960   E-mail: icaccordions@netway.at

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