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Coupe Mondiale Results

International Competition for Piano Accordion
  • Rebekah Greig, (Piano Category) New Zealand
  • Maddalena Belfiore, USA
  • Quang Minh Luu, Vietnam
  • Bogdan Dowlasz, Poland
  • Gianluca Pica, (Chairman) Italy
  • Vjera Odak-Jembrih - Croatia
  • Nathalie Boucheix, France
  • Alexander Dimitriev, (Coupe Mondiale Junior) Russia
  • Melinda Meszaros, Hungary
  • Vladimir Mandic, Serbia and Montenegro
The International Competition for Piano Accordion took place at the Music School in Štúrovo. This is the second time the category has been held as part of the Coupe Mondiale.

This year the competition attracted entries from as far afield as Vietnam, New Zealand, Russia and the USA.

The winner of the competition will receive an expense paid trip to New Zealand and Australia to perform as guest artist at the New Zealand Accordion Association and Australian Accordion Teachers Association festivals.

Contestants were:

Nikola Jankovic, Serbia and Montenegro
Andius Balachovicius, Lithuania
Nenad Ercegovcevic, Serbia and Monetenegro
Li Long, China
Rostislav Benes, Czech Republic
Anita Barta, Hungary
Huong Thu Thi Tran, Vietnam (above right)
Shanxi Upsdell, New Zealand (right)
Hilary Thwaites, New Zealand
Aivi Tilk, Estonia
Christopher Gorton, USA
Mylie Thwaites, New Zealand
Pavel Mangasaryan, Russia
Nadejda Gouseva, Russia
Filip Stamguski, Macedonia

USA - AAA Contestant Christoper Gorton performing for the Jury Panel
Macedonian Contestant Filip Stamevski and Russian Contestant Nadejda Gouseva
Pictured here are two of the New Zealand contestants in the International Competition for Piano Accordion. It is quite unusual for two members of the same family to be representing their country at the same time in the same category. Sisters Hilary and Miley Thwaites both drew positions to perform in the afternoon session.
Pictured left are composers Jurgen Ganzer and Viatchislav Semionov.

Mr. Ganzer's composition 'Fantasy 84' was written in 1984 as a commissioned Test Piece for the Klingenthal International Accordion Competition in 1986.

This composition as well as Sonata No. 2 "Basqueriad" by Mr. Semionov. Both composers were present for this program presented by Russian candidate Pavel Mangasaryan (right.)
Coupe Mondiale Round II

The following nine contestants progressed to the Coupe Mondiale Round II which called for a one complete original work:

  • Albert KHATMULLIN - Russia (right)
  • Xia GONG - China
  • Michal RZESZUT - Poland
  • Nikolay SIVCHUK - Russia
  • Milan OSADSKY - Slovakia
  • Alex PERESIDLY - Russia
  • Milan OSADSKY - Slovakia
  • Milan LAZIC - Serbia & Montenegro
  • Nadejda GUSEVA - Russia
Wine Party at Vino Veritas

Each of the visiting CIA International Executive Members and Delegates were invited to a Dinner Wine Reception and Dinner at the "Vino Veritas" Winery located about 1 hour south of Sturovo. The evening included a formal dinner followed by Wine Tasting in the cellar.

Pictured left are Music Committee member John Leslie from the United Kingdom and the Delegate from the New Zealand Accordion Association Stephen Vincent.

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