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The Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) is pleased to welcome you to World Accordion Day.

Since 2009, each May 6th, the CIA has been promoting World Accordion Day.

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General Information

Our first World Accordion Day was held on 6th May 2009, marking the 180th birthday of the accordion - 6 May 1829, the date the accordion patent was filed.

On May 6, 1829, Cyrill Demian (1772–1849) an organ and piano maker of Armenian origin, accompanied by his two sons Karl and Guido, filed a patent in Vienna, Austria for the accordion.

Consign: No. 1433 listed a new type of instrument consisting of a small box with “feathers of metal plates and bellows fixed to it” making it easy to carry and play. The new instrument was seven to nine inches long, three-and-a-half wide, and two inches high. The bellows were fixed above the box with five claves fixed below.

The makers claimed it was possible to perform marches, arias, melodies, even by an amateur of music with little practice, and to play the loveliest and most pleasant chords of three, four and five voices with little practice. The patent was approved a short time later on May 23, 1829.

Since 2009, World Accordion Day has been very successful, generating a lot of positive publicity for the accordion.

Every association, group, orchestra, performer and teacher, is asked to actively support this event by encouraging national and local accordion activities to happen in their country on this day or the weekend either side of World Accordion Day if that should be more convenient.

Please join us for this annual celebration, as accordionists from around the world pay homage to our wonderful instrument. This global event will serve as an exciting means of bringing us together in our efforts to promote and elevate the awareness and status of the accordion!

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Everyone can register their World Accordion Day activity on the website and send a report of their event after for the website.

World Accordion Day at a Glance:

What:World Accordion Day
When:6th May (Concerts and events during the month of May may be dedicated to May 6th)
Why:a unified global effort to celebrate and promote the Accordion
Where:World Wide!
Information:General Information about World Accordion Day
Promotion:Press promotional material and logo
Contact World Accordion Day:Harley Jones, CIA Public Relations Officer. Send an email

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