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New Zealand Russia South Africa UK

New Zealand

Date: May 5th, 2024, 2.00 pm.
Venue: Christchurch West Methodist Centre, Brake Street, Christchurch.
Contact: David Thorne, President, Canterbury Accordion Association, Email: thornd@xtra.co.nz and the Christchurch Accordion Orchestra
Information: Canterbury Accordion Association Variety Concert featuring Christchurch Accordion Orchestra and the Bellowetts (CAA Junior Accordion Orchestra).


Date: March 16th. The All-Russian Day of Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica is celebrated each year (on the third Saturday in March) at the Gnesins RAM Concert Hall in Moscow. The Department of Bayan and Accordion of the Gnesins RAM established the event with project manager being Friedrich Lips.
Venue: Gnesins RAM Concert Hall
Contact: Gnesins RAM, Moscow, Friedrich Lips

Further Info:

Program below video.

Print above poster: 2024AllRussiaPoster.pdf

The All-Russian Day of Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica is also Russia's contribution to World Accordion Day (May 6th) because that date clashes with a Russian National Holiday, so for that reason, the All-Russian Day of Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica is held in March annually.

The Department of the Bayan and Accordion of the Gnesins RAM established the event with project manager, Friedrich Lips. The aim of the event is to become part of a national cultural project.

The initiative began in 2010 and demonstrated great enthusiasm in all regions of Russia, both from amateurs and professional musicians, and resulted in a truly national celebration.

It is worth noting that throughout the twentieth century these instruments were an integral part of the life of the peoples of Russia: Russians, Tatars, Bashkir, Ukrainians and many others and that the bayan, harmonica and accordion played an important role during the World War II of 1941-1945.

Video: 0:05:54 - beginning of the concert.
Concert dedicated to the All Russia Day of bayan, accordion and garmonica at RAM "Gnesin" Concert hall on 16 March 2024. 


16 марта 2024. Концертный зал РАМ имени Гнесиных / Mar 16, 2024. Gnessin Hall.

0:05:54 - начало / beginning of the concert

Учащиеся ССУЗов московского региона
0:07:47 - П. Чайковский Времена года «Февраль. Масленица» / TCHAIKOVSKY The Seasons, Op.37a. February: Carnival

0:10:43 - Вольфганг Амадей Моцарт "Турецкий марш", обр. Аркадий Володось "Турецкий марш" / W. A. Mozart "Turkish March", arr. Arkady Volodos
Исполняет трио «Аккорд»: Милана, Снежана и Стешана Колмогорцевы (Колледж ГМПИ им. Ипполитова-Иванова и музыкальное училище им. Гнесиных, класс преп. О. Нурланова и А.А. Гатауллина) / Family trio "Accord"

0:14:10 - Иоганн Пахельбель. Чакона фа минор / Johann Pachelbel. Chaconne in f minor
Исполняет учащийся Московского областного музыкального колледжа имени С.С. Прокофьева Илья Бобыш (класс преп. С.А. Плеханова) / Ilya Bobysh

0:23:10 - Януш Войтарович "Сердце" / Janusz Wojtarovich "Heart"
Исполняют Максим Путилин и Ильнур Хусаинов (Московский Губернский колледж искусств, г. Химки, класс преп. Фёдорова М.А) / Maxim Putilin and Ilnur Khusainov

0:30:10 - Е. Дербенко Вариации на тему р. н. п. «Тонкая рябина» / Evgeny Derbenko "Thin mountain ash tree" Variations
Исполняет Антон Емельянов (1 Московский областной колледж, класс преп. С.А. Хромова, г. Коломна) / Anton Emelyanov

0:34:20 - В. Власов "Босанова" / V. Vlasov "Bossa nova"
Исполняет учащийся 1 Московского областного колледжа Кураев Матвей (класс преп. А.М. Фирсова) г. Коломна / Kuraev Matvey

0:38:18 - В. Василенко "Коломийка" / V. Vasilenko. Kolomyika dance
Исполняет учащийся Музыкального Колледжа МГИМ им. Шнитке Матвей Козека (класс Осокина С.В.) / Matvey Kozeka

0:42:08 - Н.Паганини - Ф.Лист. Этюд номер 5 "Охота" / Paganini – Liszt Etude No. 5 in E Major, "La Chasse"
Исполняет Добрин Василий (музыкальное училище им. Гнесиных, класс Сысоева А.В. / Dobrin Vasily

0:45:27 - Н. А. Римский-Корсаков - Шествие князей из оперы - балета "Млада" / RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Procession of the Nobles from the opera - ballet "Mlada" Исполняет Дозморов Иван (музыкальное училище им. Гнесиных, класс Гунина В. Н.) / Dozmorov Ivan

0:50:15 - Э. Аханов Джаз-вальс / Eduard Akhanov "Jazz waltz"
Исполняет Талканбаев Дастан (музыкальное училище им. Гнесиных, класс Мещерякова С. Ф.) / Talkanbaev Dastan

0:53:55 - В. Гридин "Рассыпуха" / V. Gridin "Rassypukha"
Исполняет Трио в составе: Талканбаев Дастан, Хорошавин Николай, Андриашин Иван (музыкальное училище им. Гнесиных, класс Мещерякова С. Ф.) / Bayan Trio: Talkanbaev Dastan, Khoroshavin Nikolay, Andriashin Ivan

1:01:15 - А. Пьяццолла «Балет-танго» / PIAZZOLLA Ballet tango
Исполняет квартет в составе: Никита Украинский, Илона Савина, Дарья Сахарова, Алексей Логанов / Accordion quartet: Nikita Ukrainsky, Ilona Savina, Daria Sakharova, Alexey Loganov

1:14:12 - СКАРЛАТТИ Соната ля минор / SCARLATTI Sonata A-moll
Лауреат Всероссийского конкурса 2024 года на лучшее исполнение музыки эпохи барокко на баяне и аккордеоне Ромашко Дмитрий (Нижегородская консерватория имени Глинки) / Romashko Dmitry

1:18:15 - Р. н. п. "Да кто у нас лебедин", обр. М. Троицкого / "Who's our darling" Russian folk song
Исполняет Лозовой Владимир (ДШИ г. Пушкино, преподаватель Пузакова Н. В.) / Lozovoy Vladimir

1:21:48 - Е. Дербенко "Подружка моя" / Evgeny Derbenko "My darling"
Исполняет дуэт гармонистов Антон Труфанов и Евгений Андреев / duet of harmonists Anton Trufanov and Evgeny Andreev

Руководитель проекта профессор Фридрих Липс

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South Africa

Date: May 5th, 2024, 13:00 South African time
Venue: Drostdy Theatre, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Contact: For details email: info@drostdyteater.co.za

Information: The event will begin with the light lunch at 1pm followed by the concert at 3pm. The concert will be an “accordion mini-expo” featuring a “celebration of the accordion with its iconic versatility and beautiful sound.”

Join leading accordionists of South Africa in an enchanting mix of music from various genres, cultures and countries.

United States of America (USA)

Date: 6-8 May 2024
Venue: World of Accordions Museum (AWAM)
AWAM header
Contact: Helmi Strahl Harrington, Ph.D. Curator, Executive Director Harrington ARTS Center (HARTS) and AWAM,
For more information call (218) 393-0245 or email: aworldofaccordions@gmail.com

Further Info:

Last year, the Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International (ATG) began work on creating a professional documentary featuring A World of Accordions Museum and the remarkable Dr. Helmi Harrington Ph.D. who has been Curator since inception.

The documentary has been filmed and is in the final stages of production. It is directed by one of their own members, Nikola Stojkovic, a film producer and writer, and was filmed by Mobula Productions.

The documentary memorializes the work of Helmi Harrington and tells the history of the accordion through the enormous collection of different types of instruments at the museum.

ATG is proud to make this significant contribution to the accordion world at large and pleased to offer this gift to the Museum. Watch for the release around World Accordion Day (WAD)!

UK - United Kingdom

Date: Monday 6th May 2024, 9 am to Final Performance at 4 pm
Venue: St Leonards and St Ives Village Hall, Braeside Road, St Leonards BH24 2PH
Contact: Email: southwestaccordionevents@gmail.com or call Lisa-Lee 07464 007289 / Sammie 07387 182425
Booking essential, complete booking form at: https://forms.gle/DmrNnqfqBbtYJRiV6

On May 6th, 2024, South West Accordion will hold their event “The Big Squeeze for World Accordion Day” at St Leonards and St Ives Village Hall in St Leonards, Ringwood, England, United Kingdom.

The event will feature a fun filled day of accordion orchestra workshops for all ages and abilities.