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World Accordion Day 2012 Live Video has just ended and been a huge success with viewers from around the world watching contributions from many different nations, performers, teachers and associations.

The show directed by Frederic Deschamps, Grayson Masefield and Mike Rossi is available for viewing in 24 separate hours of archived video coverage. Each 1 hour archived segment is linked below on this page.

From CIA President Raymond Bodell: "A Dream has been realised – The World of the Accordion really does co-exist and has now been seen – thanks to all around the world who participated and joined us and particularly FD, GM and MR - Bravo! A truly spectacular event that will be memorable for years to come."

CIA Secretary General Kimmo Mattila Kimmo: "Bravo for this super idea and perfect realisation, Fred, Grayson and Mike."

Kevin Friedrich, CIA Executive and Ambassador: "On behalf of my colleagues from the CIA, a WORLD of thanks to Grayson Masefield from the CIA Music Committee, for organizing this spectacular World Accordion Day event. You have created one of the most interesting and amazing accordion spectacles we have ever seen.

Thanks to Frederic Deschamps for 24 hours of non stop energy and communication with our accordion friends from around the world, and of course a special thanks to Mike Rossi for producing the show.

The three of you have created something unforgettable and unique, bringing accordionists from around the globe together in a musical marathon and will be an incredible record of accordion activities from around the world in 2012. Bravo to you all and congratulations on your spectacular production for the CIA.

List of Countries:

07:00 Intro & Welcome Greece   Poland
  New Zealand Serbia   Scotland
  Australia Bulgaria   Ireland
  Japan Croatia   England
  South Korea Slovakia   Ghana
  China Lithuania   USA East
  India Lebanon   Canada East
  Vietnam Austria   Bahamas
  Russia - 1 Italy   Brazil
  Thailand Germany   Chile
  Kazakhstan Netherlands   USA Central - 1
  Afghanistan Israel   Argentina
  Iran Monaco   USA Central - 2
  Moldavia France   USA West
  Ukraine Spain   Canada West
  Latvia Macedonia 07:00 Round Up and Farewell
  Finland South Africa
  Russia - 2 Portugal    

Hour 1
Welcome & New Zealand. Interviews with Kevin Friedrich and Harley Jones. Performances by Campbell Bettridge,
the NSAO Music Makers, Maurice Jones, Lionel Reekie and Grayson Masefield.

Hour 2

Australia and Japan. Interviews with Zelkjo Bedic & Tania Lukic Marx. Performances from Australian Champions,
Tania Lukic Marx, Mie Miki and Coba and a great beginning with the performance of an Australian Medley.

Hour 3

China and India. Surprise video (for us...) Highlights of Coupe Mondiale 2011 Shanghai. Discussion with
Crystal Wang about new Chinese accordion compositions and Amit Vaidya from India.

Hour 4
Vietnam, Thailand, Kazakhstan and Russia (part 1). Interview with Vietnam delegation Nguyen Tuan Anh- Nguyen
Tai Hung-Nguyen Quynh Trang representing CIA Delegate Prof Minh., Videos of Thailand compiled by Mika Wolkan, interview with Samgar Tollkynkhan from Kazakhstan, coverage of Russian Bayan Day organised by Friedrich Lips. Short presentaton of BayanMix created by Sergei Voitenko.

Hour 5
Afghanistan, Iran and Moldavia. Documentary of Gregory Warner about Afghanistan and footage of Ahmad Zahir,
Discover the private accordion collection (200+) of Gholamreza Hasani from Iran, World Champions Radu Laxgang,
Dorin Grama, Misha Grossu from Moldavia and the orchestra Concertino!

Hour 6 and 7
Ukraine, Latvia and Finland. Interviews with Alexander Hrustevich from Ukraine, Ksenija Sidorova from
Latvia and presentation from CIA General Secretary Kimmo Mattila from Finland ending with performance of Kimmo Pohjonen.

Hour 6 and 7
Ukraine, Latvia and Finland. Interviews with Alexander Hrustevich from Ukraine, Ksenija Sidorova from
Latvia and presentation from CIA General Secretary Kimmo Mattila from Finland ending with performance of Kimmo Pohjonen.

Hour 8
Russia Part 2. Interviews and performances of Viatcheslav Semionov, Alexander Selivanov &
Yulia Amerikova, Saniok Veretennikov, Alexander Poeluev and Yuri Shishkin.

Hour 9
Greece and Serbia. Interview and performances from Zoe Tiganouria from Greece. World Champion Vladimir Blagojevic,
Current Coupe Mondiale Champion Nenad Ivanovic and Serbia’s Got Talent winners 2009 with Trio Piller
(Darko Sandra and Danijel) and 2011 Winner Nikola Pekovic.

Hour 10
Bulgaria, Croatia & Slovakia. Interview and performances from Bulgarian Group “CORD” composed of Vidin Andonov,
Gerogi Velichkov, Svetoslav Stoychev and Stefan Dimitrov. Marjan Krajna from Croatia and performance from
his student Marko Matic and finishing with Tibor Ivan from Slovakia and performance from Michal Cervienka.

Hour 11
Lithuania. Interview with Mindaugas Labanauskas, duo performance from duet D’accordo (Laimonas Salijus
and Gintare Akstinaviciute), interview with Raimondas Sviackevicius and Martynas Levickis winner of Lithuania’s Got Talent.

Hour 12
Lebanon and Austria. Demonstration and explanation of Arabic tuning by Lebanese accordionist Elias Lammam.
Presentation for the Austrian Accordion Association and interview with CIA Vice President Herbert Scheibenreif
with performance by Loui Herinx and Denis Novato (Slovenia).

Hour 13 Link

NHour 13
Sorry this footage has been deleted because of internet failure. It was .... Interview and performances by
Mirco Patarini organiser of 2012 Coupe Mondiale. Performances by Antonio Spacaratella and Current
CIA Champion Pietro Adranga and interview with Holda Paoletti-Kampl.

Hour 14 Link
Netherlands, Israel and Monaco. Vincent van Amsterdam interview and performances. Ettie Tevel the first
accordionist to acheieve a Music degree with accordion in Israel. Monaco: Bach played by Sebastien Innocenti
and Klingenthal Champion Christine Rossi with a suprise video from 1991 uploaded by her daughter Oksana.

Hour 15 Link
Germany. Interview with Georg Hettman and orchestra conducted by DHV President Fritz Dobler, interview with CIA Music Committee
member Andreas Nebl with performance from Nebl & Nebl (accordion and clarinet) and conducting the World Hohner Accordion
Orchestra in Shanghai. Current Coupe Mondiale Junior Variety Champion Matthias Matzke and presentation of
German accordion magazines mAO and akkordeon by Dr. Thomas Eickhoff.

Hour 16 Link
France. Interview and performance of Pascal Contet – Concerto “Musette” from Bernard Cavanna. Perfomances
from Jerome Richard and Mickael Vigneau. Interview with Phillipe Krumm director of the magazine “Accordéon et Accordéonistes “.
Regis Gisavo from Madagascar, archives from Tony Murena (France), Medicis (madagascar). Oblivion by Richard Galliano.

Hour 17 Link
Spain and Macedonia. Presentation from Inigo Aizpiolea, Interview and videos of Gorka Hermosa of his recent compositions and
his student playing the first record accordion piece by Louise Reisner "Théme varié trés brilliant”. Presentation by the
Macedonian Accordion Association. Interview and performance with World Champion Aleksandar Kolovski.

Hour 18
Scotland & Ireland. Interview with Graham Laurie and a performance from the NAO festival by Graham Laurie
Paisley Accordion Orchestras. From Ireland we have the St Johns Accordion Orchestra Conducted by Adam
Wilkinson finishing with the Dropkick Murphy’s.

Hour 19
South Africa, Portugal & Poland. Interview with Sergio Zampolli’s wife Amarillie about their May 6th celebrations in South Africa. Performances and interview by multiple World Champion Joao Barradas or Portugal. Video of Joao Frade Portugal and interviews with Matuesz Doniec and Lukasz Mirek from talking about the Polish May 6th celebrations organized by the Music Academy of Bydgoszcz.

Hour 20
England and Ghana. Interview with NAO chairperson Anna Bodell, the CIA President Raymond Bodell, Douglas Ward, Romano Viazzani. Includes performances from the Classical Buskers, The Royal Squeezebox and Romano Viazzani. Video of the late Bishop Michael Osei Bonsu from Ghana.

Hour 21
USA (East), Bahamas, Canada (East). Manny Bobenreith talking about his work with the U.S. Army Strolling Strings with a rendition of Piazzolla. A presentation of the AAA and after which Joan Grauman explains the history and it’s foundation. Talking to Diana Hamilton from the Bahamas and a performance with Jerome Richard. Performances from past World Champion Alexander Sevastian talking about his career and the evolution of accordion repertoire.

Hour 22
Brazil and Chile. Performances by Adriana Sanchez, Douglas Borsatti, Sivuca, Jackson Jofre Rodriguez and Brazilian
popstars such as Michel Telo. Presentation from Ernesto Calderon about the accordion in Chile and video archives of Ignacio Hernandez.

Hour 23
USA (Central) and Argentina. Performances by the UMKC conducted by CIA Vice- President Joan Sommers followed with an interview about the accordion and accordion orchestras. Aldo Taborda plays two performances and explains about piano accordion in Argentina.

Hour 24
USA (West) and Canada (West). Interview with Shelia Lee and a demonstration of Texas diatonic accordion music. Daniel Kott from
Texas talking different styles of education for the accordion. Interview and Performances by Michael Bridge and to finish
Aleksander Milojsevic the organiser of Coupe Mondiale 2013.

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