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September 21, 2004 marked the first donation to the archives of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA), a member of the International Music Council (IMC-UNESCO). The archives center is housed at the Hanuritalo (Accordion House) in Ikaalinen, Finland which is also the home of the CIA member, the Finnish Accordion Association, and the office of the CIA General Secretary Kimmo Mattila.

The archives will collect all materials pertaining to the CIA such as all former Test Pieces, program books, information such as recordings and bios from all CIA winners, Merit and Honored Friend award recipients, Press coverage, mark sheets and results from previous competitions and much more.

Opened at the conclusion of the CIA's 70th Anniversary Celebration year (2005-2006), the CIA archives enables an unique opportunity to put together in one place, the rich history of our international organization, as well as the history of the accordion in each of our member countries.

CIA President Kevin Friedrich traveled to Finland to make the first official donation to the archives. Pictured to the right are CIA President Kevin Friedrich (right) presenting the first donation to Kimmo Mattlia, President of the Finnish Accordion Association. This first donation of many CIA Test Piece scores was made by Ernest Deffner, Inc, the parent company of Ernest Deffner Publications commemorating the firm's own 70th anniversary. The president of the firm Mrs. Faithe Deffner is a long time friend of the CIA and has been a United States delegate to the CIA for more than 30 years.

Anyone interested in donating material pertaining to the CIA Archives is invited to do so, by sending the material to:

CIA Archives – Hanuritalo
Kyrösselänkatu 3
Tel: 358 3 4400221
Fax: 358 3 4509071

Material might include program books, copy of test pieces, newspaper articles, subsequent solo recordings, tickets from functions, mark/score sheets, copies of pictures from the Coupe Mondiale and any other items that will help document and preserve the history of this 70 year old organization. It should be noted the customs form on items being shipped to the CIA Archives in Finland, that the material is ‘used, historical material’ being donated to the archives.

Part of the Newspaper story from Aamulehti 25/2/2006 (2nd Largest Newspaper in Finland)

Part of front page news coverage from Pohjois-Satakunta (28/2/2006)

CIA General Secretary - Walter Maurer, CIA Vice President - Kimmo Mattila and CIA President Kevin Friedrich making the official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Intermusik Schmulling Press - Ulrich Schmulling, CIA General Secretary - Walter Maurer and CIA President Kevin Friedrich in front of the CIA Archive Collection

Opening of Archives
Photo Courtesy of Minna Plihtari

Opening of Archives
Photo Courtesy of Minna Plihtari

Honored Guests Heikki Eränen is Honorary President and Founder of the Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival and Jorma Kiiveri is a member of the support association for The Finnish Accordion Institute.

Marko Tikka (Dr. of Philosophy) and Scientist at the University of Tampere. He offered his insight into the importance of working on such a project as the CIA Archives.

CIA Music Committee Member John Leslie (UK), CIA General Secretary - Walter Maurer (Austria) and CIA Public Relations Manager - Harley Jones (New Zealand) viewing some of the Archive material

Natalia and CIA Music Committee Member Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia) talking with Ulrich Schmulling from Intermusik. Pictured in the background is famed Finnish accordionist Lasse Pihlajamaa

Special postage stamps were ordered for the 2006 Winter Congress in Ikaalinen.

Attendees were also given Ikaalinen accordion Post Cards to send back with the official accordion stamps.

Music Committee Member Mr. John Leslie (UK) looking at one of the Gold Medals from Coupe Mondiales gone by.

PR Manager Harley Jones, CIA VP Raymond Bodell and CIA General Secretary Mr. Walter Maurer.

CIA General Secretary - Walter Maurer and President Kevin Friedrich cut the cake for the CIA Archives Reception

CIA President is trying to master the art of playing the 'bench' chair accordion

The CIA Archives were officially opened during an International Press Conference on Friday, 24 February, 2006 at the 2006 Winter Congress in Ikaalinen, where CIA officials took part in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Background to the CIA Archive Center:

The CIA voted to establish the archive center of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) in Ikaalinen, Finland at the facility of the Finnish Accordion Institute and Finnish Accordion Association. The Finnish Accordion Institute and Finnish Accordion Association are housed in a large multi story building in Ikaalinen, Finland and have kindly agreed to house our CIA records and offer a perfect facility for our archive collection.This Hanuritalo (Accordion House) in Ikaalinen, Finland will house the archives the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA). This records center shall house all materials pertaining to the CIA for either short-term and permanent storage.

The records center is not designed to be used for the storage of current files, that is, those that are consulted several times a year in the normal course of business. It is anticipated that these files will be housed with the General Secretary, until such time as they can be turned over to the archive center. The CIA would retain ownership of the records and materials housed in Ikaalinen, Finland.

The Archives might include, but is not limited to the following information pertaining to the CIA History:


Presidents (years of office)

Member Nations

Minutes of General Assemblies

News Coverage

CIA Coupe Mondiale Winners

Winners Information

Test Pieces

Program Guide Book

Contestant Programs



CIA Merit/Honored Friend Award Recipients

Getting to Ikaalinen, Finland: Ikaalinen is located approximately four (4) hours drive/train/bus from Helsinki or one (1) hour from Tampere. There are excellent connections to Ikaalinen from both Helsinki and Tampere.