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29 September
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Castelfidardo, Auditorium San Francesco
The "Goldberg Rework" for two accordions explores the technical and expressive potential of the accordion.


The young and most talented artist Alessandro Pagliari performd in the before concert 2 pieces for which he received an intensive applause from the full auditorium where almost all of the jury members and other important teachers from around the world were present
during the day...
happy group from France, Russia, Germany and Belgium Holda with Roman
Mestrinho from Brazil with Ruben Cittadini and on the right with Holda having nearly the same HAIR style ;-)
Roman Jbanov with conservatory director from France Holda with Liviana Ballone Burini
Cory and her husband in good feeling and Gianluca Bibiani in love feeling with his wife Federica
M° Rojac, M° Nebel and Composer Martin Loehse from Denmark Ulrich Schmùling with Riccardo Breccia and collaborators
After the San Francesco Concert - Pigini/Scandalli are finally enjoying some italian food and wine at the close by Bar
Ruben Cittadini with Mestrinho and the musicians performing with him later in the evening concert in the Piazza della Repubblica of Castelfidardo
The MESTRIHNO CONCERT in a fully packed Piazza della Repubblica/Castelfidardo
Simone Zanchini (right with Antonio Spaccarotella, just back from his long concert tour in Greece (and performing in the Saturday Closing Concert) did not want to miss the concert of Mestrinho - seems sleeping, but no - intensively listening to the wonderful and powerful performance of Mestrinho

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