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02 October
Daily Pictures and Information

Final and sunny day in Castelfidardo - all competitions were completed on October 1st/2021

Stefano Bollani with Antonello Salis

Antonello Salis & Simone Zanchini

Closing Concert PIF 2021

2 Oct 2021 – 21,30 h

Castelfidardo, Parco delle Rimembranze


The moment Stefano Bollani is on stage for his one-man show, anything can happen. There is no set list, no programme to hold on to in order to follow the succession of tracks. The audience is drawn into an adventure that is different every evening, a breathtaking journey through musical horizons that are only apparently distant.
From Bach to the Beatles, from Stravinsky to Brazilian rhythms...Accordionist ANTONELLO SALIS, who will perform a duet with Bollani, is a musician who systematically remakes the artistic canons of the accordion of our times.
starting the evening with Simone Zanchini and Antonello Salis
The artistic director M° Antonio Spaccarotella is holding his farewell speech thanking the whole organisation for an excellent collaboration for this exceptional 2021 Edition of the PIF, having had to cope with the pandemenic of Covid.
San Francesco Auditorium / Concert with Daniele Falasca Quartet
Last impressions from around the city of Castelfidardo
the officials of the info point Ruben Cittadini's son Helmut on the diatonic accordion
Holda and Saria Convertino Riccardo Taddei with Natalino Marchetti
Cory from O'Brians Pub with Moreno Giannatasi Federico Pigini fetching his children
Marcel Marincek, Ruben Cittadini, Emanuele Rastelli Tonino Alessandrini with Nino Lefevre (Belgium)
on the corner of the street: Mestrinho from Brazil with  Antonino De Luca and other musicians - the audience LOVE it!
gathering of Fiats - Fiat - Fiats from once upon a time and there I also met Franco Gerboni/ex-head police of Castelfidardo
Roman Jbanov/Russia and Steve/art Dir.Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordeon Festival / Canada and with Holda
Roberto Lucanero with family and Vincenzo Barbalunga Manuele Menghini with wife and child
Holda and Daniela Pierantoni (Pasco/Paolo Soprani) Steve from Canada
De Luca - Rosselli  

Max Ciuciumei with his artists (Pietro Adragna far left, Marco Gianni and Riccardo Taddei 2nd from the right)
BELOW - artists performing with each other and others

Pietro Andragna, Riccardo Taddei and many other musicians performing this evening for the great pleasure of the audience. Great participation of Helmut Cittadini (left/below) on the diatonic accordion and Vincenzo.
the Guests
Giuliana Garofoli with husband Carlo Castorina Maria Claudia with her husband Blasetti
student and M° Luigino Palotta from the music school Paolo Soprani Alexandra Riccioni (right) with her friends
colour-colours-coulors for Holda and Francesca Santini mr/mrs Lello Dionea
Sabrina Alba and Gianfranco Riccardo Taddei and Claudio Binci
Vincenzo and beautiful daugther of Lello Dionea Riccardo with Marco Tiranti and Antonella Toccaceli
very helpful staff/Lorenzo (left) Marco Pietro, Francesca, Antonella, Matteo Mengascini (back row)
Francesca with Holda Pietro Adragna, Roberto Fucelli with his partner
Alessio (owner of this terrace) with his wife Matteo Mengascini with stunning looking Scheila Morganti
and who knows what Scheila is trying to say to Ruben? M° Luiginio3 Palotta with Mayor Roberto Ascani
Davide Bugari / Mestrinho / M° Luigino Palotta Davide Bugari //Zbigniew Chojnacki/Poland/M° Luigino Palotta

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