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01 October
Daily Pictures and Information

DUETTANGO with Silvia Mezzanotte
Cinema Teatro Astra
Duettango was born in 2008 thanks to an intuition of the pianist and conductor Filippo Arlia.
The duo features Cesare Chiacchiaretta on the bandoneon and Silvia Mezzanotte, voice of Matia Bazar.
an exceptional evening with an exceptional singer and musicians taking the audience to Argentina, remembering Astor Piazzolla - his life, his music, his story.
Winner of the cat.Chamber Music Akko Quartet, Ukraine

Winner of the cat. PREMIO - Julien Bautemps, France

Mirco Patarini (left) and Massimo Pigni are being interviewed for TV
...also Jörgen Sundeqvist from Sweden and Francesca Santini from the Festival Organizer Ideazioni/Castelfidardo
ex-Mayor Mirco Soprani and present one Roberto Ascani Massimo and Francesca Pigini
Federico Pigini and Riccardo Ficosecco (cousins) Selenia and Luciano Menghini (father)
owner of the wonderful terrace and Francesa Santini Festival dir. Antonio Spaccarotella - his sister left and Andrea Naspi/Pigini
Francesca Pigini with her son Riccardo Jörgen Sundeqvist with his wife and Alberdi Ianaki from Spain
Scandalli group the great Maestro f.France: Jacques Mornet with Natalie Bouchet (CNIMA)
Federica and Gianluca Bibiani Mirco Sopran Catia Andreani
Mestrinho with Selenia and Luciano Menghini Francesca Pigini with Alberdi Ianaki
Antonio Spaccarotella with beautiful girlfriend, Mirco and his sister and here with Mirco Patarini
Ouivind Farmen, Lars Karlsson, Jörgen Sundeqvist Andrea Carini with Manuele Menghini
Martin Frey with his friend Steffan from Switzerland Holda with the Karlssons Brothers
Scandalli and Pigini organized a very nice game for the evening, where the winner was awarded with a entire kit for accordion repair and the lucky WINNERS
Simone Zanchini and Christian Tomassetti who got 24 answers correct out of 30. (which meant - finding the correct description in local dialect of accordion parts)

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