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27 September
Daily Pictures and Information

International Diatonic Alliiance
IDA - World Accordion Competition

Trofeo I.D.A. 2021
English Regulations pdf file | Italia Regolamento pdf file

Jury from left/below: Pasquale Masciotra, Alessandro Gaudio, Antonio Grosso, Salvatore Pace
left/back row: Maikol Rossi, Francesco Tassoni, Cono D'Elia, Enzo Lovisi, Filippo Gambetta, Luis Pinheiro, Pierangelo Camodeca, Carmine Sanginetto
2021 Trofeo I.D.A.
Results: Category I
Results: Category A
Results Category B
Results Category C
Results: Category F
Results: Category D
Results Category E
Results: Category G
Results: Category H
Jury with artistic director of the Festial M°Antonio Spaccarotella and M°Riccardo Tesi (both on the left)
The jury for the last competitors of cat.H
Maikol Rossi, Pierluigi Raggiunti, Francesco Tassoni, Enzo Lovisi, Pasquale Masciotra, Antonio Grosso, Filippo Gambetta
M°Alessandro Gaudio and M° Antonio Spaccarotella announcing the winners Winnter cat H: Valeriano Vito with Filippo Gambetta
Antonio Grosso, Claudio Sabatini/Musictech and Filippo Gambetta moving FAST with an e-scooter is Alessandro Gaudio as well as Antonio Spaccarotella in order to be THERE where need is ;-) asked
winner of cat.G Sisinno Graziano with Genuino Baffetti The Baffetti-Ladies waiting with some competitors for the results
just as well as all the many others from the numberous group of 60 competitors
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