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Daily Reports 21 September 2019

Videos to come  
Last contestant of the World Music 12 year category was Luigi Pepcoco (Italy)
Pictures below of World Music 15 year category
Kristian Jenko (Slovenia) Ines Faria (Portugal)
Martin Rojc (Slovenia) Tomas Alexandre (Portugal)
Nurzat Serikbay (Kazakistan) Rocco Coviello (Italy) - 4th
Samuele Potenza (Italy) - 2nd Matija Omahen (Slovenia)
Yaxi Ye (China) Mateus Marrachinho (Portugal)
Khanzat Serikbay (Kazakistan) Lorenzo Pio Bottino (Italy)
Giampiero Cammarota (Italy) Rodrigo Veloso (Portugal)
Emanuele Cestari (Italy) - 5th Anze Kanduc (Slovenia)
Graziano Sisinni (Italy) - 3rd Pedro Ramos (Portugal)
Aleksandar Rankovic (Serbia) - 1st  
Premio Category Round II
1. Luka Simic (Serbia)
2. Xuesong Cao (China)
3. Raffaele Damen (Italy)
4. Olzhas Nurlanov (Kazakhstan)
5. Zhang Zhiyuan (China) 3rd Place
6. Li Cong (China)
7. Radu Ratoi (Moldova) 1st Place
8. Dawid Rydz (Poland)
9. Ma Chi (China)
below: Luca Zanetti / Italy  
Nikolay Ovchinnikov Trio / Russia  
Virtuosity Duo / Italy  
various accordion displays in shop-windows  
The Mayor of Castgelfidardo Roberto Ascani with Patrizia Angeloni, Damiano and Dario Flammini Tonino Alessandrini with a jury member
Holda anf Gianluca Bibiani Michele Moreschi, Chico Chagas, Marco Palmieri, Daniela Pierantoni
Tonino Alessandrini and Genuino Baffetti Marco Palmieri, Michele Moreschi, Luciano Guffo, Silvano Palmieri
lovely lady strolling by Laura (Fismen) with her boyfriend
Marcel with his group of friends - all from Slovenia Gary Blair/Scotland, Harley Jones/New Zealand and a friend
Daniela Pierantoni with Elisabetta Selenia and Luciano Menghini (Scandalli)
italian annual visitors Luciano - Marcel - Silvano
Daniela, Francesca and Elisabetta Mr/Mrs Manfred Gàbler from Klingenthal (former artistic comp.organiser)
Yulia with her boyfriend\ M° Mirco Patarini and M° Antonio Spaccarotella
Kataryna and M° Renzo Ruggieri Elsbeth Moser being officially photograped
Frank Angelis, Natalie Bouchex, Heather Masefield and Harley Jones Petri Makkonen, Roberto Ascani and Frank Angelis
Heather, Roberto and Natalie Fabio Mengascini (yellow shirt) with wife, Francesca and friends
Francesca Pigini with Renzo Ruggieri Damiano with girlfriend Ivana

Christina Rossi (France) Plays Angelis

This concert was quite unique and historical with composer Franck Angelis attending and also speaking at the concert, including introducing two new compositions world premieres.
1. Haiti
2. Fantasia
3. New Composition - Romance II World Premiere introduced by Franck Angelis
4. Impasse
5. New Composition - World Premiere of "valse du clown" introduced by Franck Angelis
Alessandrini Sisters Renzo Ruggieri and Alessio Gerundini/Zero Sette
Lucia and Enrico (Orla) Francesco Mengascini (Beltuna) with his family
Giansandro Breccia and Thomas Hennig with their wifes a wonderfully smiling Elsbeth Moser
large audience for the world music competition  
competitor from South Africa local IPpetrolstation owner Sauro and Mirella enjoying the music
as many others in the crowded city of Castelfidardo  
Massimo Paoloni and Roberto Ascani Holda with Vincenzo Borsini

21st September | Music&more




All events entry free
21/09 9:00 Teatro Astra PIFAuditions Classical – Auditions Premio Category 2nd round
21/09 9:00 Auditorium Sant’Anna PIFAuditions World – Auditions World Student12 Category
21/09 09:00 Auditorium San Francesco PIFAuditions World – Auditions World Senior Category
21/09 9:30 Salone degli Stemmi PIFAcademy – “LA FISARMONICA NEL JAZZ: DA SEMPLICE COLORE A STRUMENTO PROTAGONISTA”, Gerlando Gatto. Jazz Accordion Seminary
21/09 10:30 Auditorium Sant’Anna PIFAuditions World – Auditions World Student15 Category
21/09 12:00 Auditorium Binci AperiPIFBartosz Kolsut classical (Poland)
21/09 15:00 Auditorium Sant’Anna PIFAuditions World – Auditions World Junior Category
21/09 15:00 Auditorium San Francesco PIFAuditions World – Auditions World Ensemble Category 1st round
21/09 from 15:00
to 18:00
Salone degli Stemmi PIFAcademy – “Le vie dell’interprete” e “L’inevitabile incontro”. Presentation of publications and projects by the Nuovo-CDMI.
21/09 15:00 Piazza della Repubblica PIFOpenStageLuca Zanetti jazz/virtuoso (Italy)
sponsor Fismen 
21/09 15:45 Piazza della Repubblica PIFOpenStageNikolay Ovchinnikov Trio jazz (Russia)
21/09 from 16:00
to 19:00
Civica Scuola di Musica Paolo Soprani PIF 4YOU[ng] 
Free Lessons for children aged 4 to 18: Piano (M° Emiliano Giaccaglia), Flute (M° Agnese Cingolani), guitar (M° Cesare Sampaolesi), Violin (M° Alessandro Quattrini)
21/09 16:30 Piazza della Repubblica PIFOpenStageVirtuosity Duo virtuoso (Italy)
21/09 17:15 Piazza della Repubblica PIFOpenStageRiccardo Taddei Roman Gomes Duo jazz tango (Italy)
sponsor Settimio Soprani
21/09 17:30 Libreria Aleph PIFBook – Presentation of the book by Antonello Lamanna “CALABRIA SOUND SYSTEM. Traditional music, vocabulary and contemporary orality”. Stories of Brigands, love songs, funeral groans, ancestral sounds. Traditions and rituals linked to Calabrian orality. A research on the dialect and the traditional music of Southern Italy born within the research project “Voxteca” of the University for Foreigners of Perugia.
21/09 18:00 San Francesco PIFAuditoriumPietro Roffi classical with electronic (Italy)
sponsor Bugari
21/09 18:30 Laboratorio Grandi Fisarmoniche
Piazza della Repubblica, 17
Concert and presentation of the CD of Cesare Sampaolesi (classical guitar).
Introductory report on the figure of Luigi Mozzani and the Italian guitar of the early 1900s by Vincenzo Ruggiero and Francesco Ricci.
21/09 19:00 Piazza della Repubblica ABSOLUTELY PAINTING. A Live Painting & Music project, conceived and produced by Hisako Mori and Feedback in July. The band, which for the occasion will be in quartet, with accordionist Luigino Pallotta, proposes the songs, written and arranged by the band, of their first EP Wili Wili for Duke in a more “harmonic” version and let themselves be carried away by the expressive moment by Hisako, who in turn paints trying to match colors and the expressive subject to the sound energy that is created.
Luca Galassi guitar
Alessandro Nardi bass
Gian Luigi Mandolini drums
Luigino Pallotta accordion
HisaKo Mori Live Painting
21/09 19:00 San Francesco PIFAuditoriumChristine Rossi plays Angelis classical (France)
21/09 21:00 Piazza della Repubblica

PIFAuditions World – Auditions World Ensemble Category 2nd round

PIFGalaConcertConcerto World Music

21/09 21:00 Giardini di Porta Marina Gryphus Dixie Band. 6 musicians from Central Italy have decided to bring the jazz of the origins from the banks of the Mississippi directly to the villages of our country, through the re-proposal of the songs that have made the history of the genre, with arrangements faithful to the original ones.
21/09 22:30 Piazza della Repubblica P-Funking Band. The band offers unusual and unusual arrangements combined with engaging choreographies.
21/09 22:30 San Francesco IN THE EMBRACEMENT OF TANGO… when music and dance are colored by Pasiòn. The show travels on the notes of tango and the Argentine singer FABIAN projects the viewer into the magical world of Argentine tango both as an expression of dance and music and reaches the great masters of Argentine Tango such as Piazzolla, Pugliese, D’Arienzo, Color Tango, Canaro and many other sacred monsters of the Argentine tanghero landscape. A journey in music, poetry and dance that will accompany the audience in a whirlwind of emotions and strong sensations that only the true TANGO can generate.
21/09 22:30 Porta Marina Mario Riccardi Orchestra in concert. The 11-piece orchestra has been a protagonist in the world of light and melodic music for 35 years now. With his music he manages to convey the love for the land and the Marche traditions and in his songs, melodic and danceable, there is certainly no lack of passion for Verdicchio or the invitation to protect the artistic and natural heritage of the Marche.
21/09 22:30 O’Brian Irish Pub PIFincompagniaMannarino & Dintorni live
21/09 24:00 OnStage Casa della Musica PIFOff – Montefiori Cocktail are Italian major representative of the easy listening evolution and one of the most important of the world. Their style is inspired by the 60’s and the beginning of the 70’s, cult soundtracks, music from tv commercial and classics

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2019 Report: Program | 18 September | 19 September | 20 September | 21 September | 22 September | Results | Rules | Jury