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Daily Reports 20 September 2019

More Pictures and Videos to to come  
Category Classica Student 12
Enjoy the excellent and amazing performances of these young students. These 8 contestants below are in playing order, and were those playing before the pause.
Eliza Mariotti / Russia Cristian Chiaraluce / Italy
Yin Jinly / China Zenaida Ottich / Russia
Simon Vojtecek / Slovachia Jangtong Sun / China
Valisia Ottich / Russia Zsenheng Hua / China

Proudly revealed below is the new ART WORKD made by Alessandro Breccia in occasion of the centenary of the death of Paolo Soprani, in order to pay homage to the complex where the first accordion Paolo Soprani was manufactured.

from left - Alessandro Breccia, Massimo Mazzantino (owner of the Castelfidardo Musicstore, where the Art Work is in exposition), Giansandro Breccia and the artistic director of the 44th PIF Castelfidardo Competition and Festival / M° Renzo Ruggieri.

Jury of the 44th PIF "Premio" Award - pictured from left:
Volodymyr Runchak/Ukraina, Dr.Herbert Scheibenreif/Austria, Frank Angelis/France, Massimo Pitocco/Italy, Owen Murray/UK, Elsbeth Moser/Switzerland, Raimondas Sviackevicius/Lituania, Friedrich Lips/Russia, Vladimir Mandic/Serbia, Petri Makkonen/Finland.
PIFAuditorium – In Cammino con Leonardo Da Vinci – Ipavec-Chiabudini  

Giorgio Dellarole Plays Scarlatti

Giorgio Dellarole playing Scarlatti for the professional audience in the auditorium San Francesco
Video of Concert:
Video of all the concert at: 20Dellarole.htm

Category JAZZ Senior in the evening program / Theatre Astra - 2nd round
Antonino de Luca - Italy (final 2nd place)
Aleksjs Maslakovs - Germany (final: 1st place)
Loris Douez - Belgium (final: 3rd place)
wonderful looking compere Raimondas Sviackevius and his girlfriend (Lithuania)
Jazz Cat. judges Jazz Cat. judges
Damiano, Ivana, Heather, Enrico and Aldo Belmonti Pres. Proloco Prof. Paolo Gandolfi and Prof. Alexander Dimitriev
Elke, Riccardo and Vincenzo
Frank Angelis/France with Christina Rossi and Ladislav Horak/Czech Rep. Young French student on right.
Enrico, Aldo and Heather Ladislav Horak / Czech Republic
Raimondas Sviackevicius with his girlfriend Prof. Paolo Gandolfi with a friend
the Castelfidardo Music Store\ Katheryna and Elsbeth Moser
Goncalo Pescada/Portugal with Holda Elisabetta, Daniela, Holda
  Ottavianelli Accordions led by Luca and Simone Ottavianelli
Cavagnolo (Matthieu Chaussalet and Eric Bouvel Sweden/Norway, New Zealand at Cavagnolo's exhibition
Teacher Jaques Mornet with Dantong Wang (China)
Enrico Bràunig, Claudio Sabbatini (MusicTech), Harley Jones
Grayson Masefield with Mirco Patarini Frederique Deschamps with competitor
Elisabetta, Daniela, Holda Elisabetta, Massimo and Daniela
Jòrgen Sunquist and his wife with Chen Jun the Francinella Ladies
happy international gathering from New Zeland, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Austria, Norway, France Italy, Sweden in the cafe Mr. Ottavianelli from (FM) with his friend

Federico Pigini with his son Bruno Tadei with his brother (left)
Bete Ilin / Mcedonia and Harley Jones / New Zealand Holda getting a lift from Sven Karlssons


20th September | Music&more




All events entry free
19/09 8:00 Auditorium San Francesco PIFAuditions Classical – Auditions Classical Master Category
20/09 9:00 Teatro Astra PIFAuditions Classical – Auditions Premio Category 1st round
20/09 9:00 Auditorium Binci PIFAuditions – Gervasio MARCOSIGNORI
20/09 9:00 Auditorium Sant’Anna PIFAuditions Classical – Auditions Classical Student12 Category
20/09 9:30 Salone degli Stemmi PIFAcademy – “L’INFLUENZA EUROPEA NELLA WORLD MUSIC DEL NORD AMERICA”, Raynald Ouellet (Canada). World Accordion Seminary
20/09 12:00 Auditorium Binci AperiPIFArtem Malhasyan classical (Russia)
20/09 15:00 Auditorium Sant’Anna PIFAuditions Classica – Auditions Classical Student15 Category
20/09 15:00 Piazza della Repubblica

PIFAuditions Jazz – Auditions Jazz Category 1st round

Performance of the Castelfidardo Youth Orchestra with the “2019 Leonardo Accordion” performed by the students of the I.C.Soprani Musical Address.

20/09 from 16:00
to 19:00
Civica Scuola di Musica Paolo Soprani PIF 4YOU[ng] 
Free lessons for children aged 4 to 18: Accordion (M° Luigino Pallotta), Guitar (M° Emanuele Coppari), Double Bass & Electric Bass (M° Nico Pallotta), Violin (M° Paola Del Bianco), Sax (M° Leonardo Rosselli)
20/09 18:30 San Francesco PIFAuditoriumIn Cammino con Leonardo Da Vinci – Ipavec-Chiabudini crossover (Slovenia, Italy)
sponsor Bugari
20/09 19:00 San Francesco PIFAuditoriumGiorgio Dellarole plays Scarlatti (Italy)
sponsor Scandalli
20/09 21:00 Teatro Astra

PIFAuditions Jazz – Auditions Jazz Category 2a prova

PIFGalaConcertJazz Colours, Jazz Colours Big Band conductor Massimo Morganti/Gianni Coscia/Massimo Tagliata/Chigo Chagas jazz (Italy, Brasile)
sponsor Victoria

20/09 22:30 O’Brian Irish Pub PIFincompagniaOnerik Folk live
20/09 23:15 OnStage Casa della Musica
PIFOff – Scarlatto live by Riccardo Ciaramellari (accordionist of Simone Cristicchi)
Carla Quadraccia (Carlotta) voice,
Valter Sacripanti drums
Riccardo Ciaramellari accordion and piano
Davide Pieralisi guitar
Sandro Rosati double bass


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2019 Report: Program | 18 September | 19 September | 20 September | 21 September | 22 September | Results | Rules | Jury