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"Shanghai Spring" 2024 Shanghai International Accordion Arts Week - China

2024 Shanghai Accordion Festival header
1. Opening Ceremony and Concert
2. Closing Ceremony and Concert
Opening Concert program coverCrystal WangVideo 1: Opening Ceremony and Concert. 20 page color program: ShanghaiOpening.pdf

Video 2: Closing Ceremony and Concert

Daily Reports now completed at: 2024Shanghai

This year, the "Shanghai Spring" 6th International Accordion Culture and Art Festival and 2024 Shanghai International Accordion Art Week was held from March 23 to April 5, 2024.

The events featured top accordion artists from Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, as well as eight countries including Italy, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, and Bosnia & Herzegovina gathered in Changning for excellent performances at 14 concerts/activities. The events fully demonstrated Changning has the image and cultural soft power of an international boutique urban area with world influence!

The 2024 Shanghai Accordion Art Festival organisation leader was Crystal Wang. This superbly organized festival featured lots of interactive activities with the population and show cased the accordion so successfully.

Daily Reports at: 2024Shanghai

Adviser: Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)
Shanghai Musicians Association
Propaganda Department of Shanghai Changning District Committee of the Communist Party of China
Shanghai Changning District Culture and Tourism Bureau
Shanghai Changning District Federation of Literary and Art Circles
Shanghai Changning District Culture and Tourism Management Affairs Center
Accordion Professional Committee of Shanghai Musicians Association
Shanghai Changning Culture and Art Center
Co-organiser: Shangsheng·Xinsuo
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