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23rd International Week of the Accordion "Alcobaça 2019" – Portugal

Portugal Poster
Artur AdrshinThe 23rd International Week of the Accordion "Alcobaça 2019", was held in Alcobaca from May 18th to 26th organised by Diana Freire (Competition Manager) and Aníbal Freire President of the Portugal Accordion Association.

This International Week integrated the 24th National Trophy as well as the 5th Accordion International Contest, on the 24th (concert), 25th and 26th of May.

The festival included an event entitled "Acordeão para quase todos os gostos" ("Accordion for almost every taste"), where a variety of artists played different genres. The event concluded with a Gala concert with performances by all of the competition winners.

Guest performers during the festival included João Palma, Orquestra Típica e Coral de Alcobaça, Iulian Ciobanu, Camerata de Cordas do Instituto de Música Vitorino Matono, Christine Rossi (presentation of the CD with themes from Franck Angelis), RedPoin Trio, Vladimir Stupnikov and Charm Trio.

The competition included entrants from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Russia.
Jury members were Alexander Dmitriev, Franck Angelis, Christine Rossi, Renzo Ruggieri, Juan Carlos Carcamo, Ladislav Horack, Marco Gemelli, Raymond Keith, Raimondas Sviakvicius, Vladimir Stupnikov, Nicolla Maggio, Paulo Neto and Tino Costa

City of Alcobaca Prize – Senior category winner: Artur Adrshin (picture right)
Junior classical solo: 1st - Martin Sulc
Variety solo: 1st - Ines Faria
Junior variety: 1st - David Mendes
Senior variety: 1st - Pedro Goncalves
Duo A: 1st - Tiago Conceicao & Tiago Mendes
Duo B: 1st - Carina & Hugo
Orchestra 2: 1st - Folegarve
Franck Angelis Prize: Arkadii Shkvorov
Vitorino Matono Prize: Joao Miguel
J. B. Bexiga Prize: Andreia Rodrigues
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