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New Book Launch of ‘Accordion Anthology’ by Rob Howard, Stockport – UK

‘Accordion Anthology’ book cover‘Accordion Anthology’The book launch of ‘Accordion Anthology’ is on World Accordion Day, with the aim of highlighting the historical information in this new book as well as the historical significance of World Accordion Day.

‘Accordion Anthology’ is a variety of accordion related articles and biographies. This book is a successor to the author’s An A to Z of the Accordion series, but has a larger page size format and has chapters instead of the alphabetical format.

There are six chapters:
- Getting to Know the Accordion
- Accordions
- Articles of General Interest
- CD/DVD/Book Reviews,
- Biographical Writings, and Yesterday
- Today and Tomorrow

Accordion Anthology is a high quality production, an A4 sized hardback, lavishly illustrated with 320 photographs, mainly in colour, and is intended for the accordion enthusiast.

The articles include:
Getting to Know the Accordion; Making a start; Some Useful Contacts; Accordion Tips and Hints (written by Steve Roxton); Be a Better Player (by Rosemary Wright); Use of the Couplers (by James Sexton); Playing For Others (by Rosemary Wright); The Ken Hopkins Accordion Collection; Manfrini Accordions (Robert Rolston’s revival of a great manufacturing name); Evolution of the Accordion (by Colin, Alastair and Margaret Norton, of ScotlandAccordions.co.uk); Melodica, Accordina, Steirische Harmonica; The Accordion Concerto; The accordion and pop music; Accordion Festivals; Accordion Dynasties; Northern Ireland Open Championships; Zuckerbrod & Peytsche; Tales & Trivia; More Tales & Trivia; Polka and the Accordion; Reviews; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

The Biographical Writings include six autobiographical articles:
Jack Emblow, David Vernon, Freeland Barbour, Gordon Pattullo, John Jones MBE, Paul Chamberlain, and Pearl Fawcett-Adriano.

Biographical entries:
Amanda Robinson, André Verchuren, Brandon McPhee, Dawn Loombe, Dermot Lyons, Eddie Hession, Finbarr Dwyer, Gary Forrest, Bartosz Glowacki, Matthew MacLennan, Gervasio Marcosignori, Helen Maher, Helen Rich, Jackie Hearst, Nathan Carter, Joe Cooley, John Leslie, Ksenija Sidorova, Kyiv Classic Accordion Duo, Kosmos Ensemble, Lars Ek, Igor Outkine, Leonard Brown, Malachy Cairns, Michael Coyne, Martynas Levickis, V. Marceau, Stewart Walker, and William Hanna.

The prices for Accordion Anthology are:
UK - £15 + £3 p/p = £18
EU - 19 Euro + 8 Euro p/p = 27 Euro
USA - 22 USD + 15 USD p/p = 37 USD

For further information email: robaccord5@hotmail.com
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