Roland V-Accordion Festival

Press Conference, 21 October, Rome, Italy

Luigi Bruti, the originator of the V-Accordion who is also the Marketing Director of Roland Europe SpA spoke at the Press Conference.

History of the Digital Roland V-Accordion

Storia della Fisarmonica e Della V-Accordion
Luigi Bruti and Alessandra Bellini, famous Italian TV presenter including Top of the Pop, Italian Hit Parade TV program.

Luigi Bruti and Alessandra Bellini are informing the journalists about their research concerning how many famous rock & pop artists are using the accordion. Video clips, like Maddona, McCartney and other famous groups were shown, making the point, that today, the accordion is very very much, back in fashion.
Luigi Bruti answering questions to the journalists. One question concerned the unique features and advantages of the digital V-accordion.

Some of the unique features include: no maintenance, no tuning needed, silent mode head phones for practising, not effected by hot or cold temperatures, huge array of reed sounds and other instrument sounds, free bass (every system possible), plus a considerable weight advantage.
Marco Cinaglia, Roland Marketing Division and V-Accordion Product Manager presented the different model Roland V-Accordions.

V-Accordion Catalogo
Sergio Scappini, tutor at the Conservatory "Gioachino Rossini" of Pesaro then played for the press conference. He demonstrated a huge range of different music styles (with accordion reeds and electronic sounds) that the Roland V-Accordion is capable of.
Some of the people attending the press conference.

The venues for the 2nd Roland V-Accordion Festival were presented.

The rules and timetable of the event were also presented.
More journalists.

The Members of the Jury were introduced to the journalists. The jury are prominent accordionists from 7 different countries. Giura

The list of International Competitors for the Finals was introduced to the journalists. The 17 competitors come from 17 different countries from nearly every continent of the world - Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australasia.
Two of the dancers who will be part of the promotional introduction of the FR-1 at the Festival. Nearest the camera is the Director of Free Scale semiconductor company - partners with Roland in manufacturing the pressure sensor of the accordion bellows and its semiconductors. The two companies also have a cooperation in the promotions of each company.

Alex La Rosa is involved in making many video clips of famous pop and rock artists, and he has been called upon, to design the dancing and musical introduction to the new V-Accordion FR1 model which will take place on the evening of the Roland Festival Finals.

Accordionist Mario D'Amario will play with singer Laura Di Mauro plus professional dancers wearing FR-1 to demonstrate how light, chick and sexy, the new Roland FR1 is. Picture of Laura Di Mauro who will sing the song especially composed for this event -
"Its gonna be your next ........"
Other guest artists are Sergio Scappini and guitarist Joan Garrobé for the Roland V-Accordion Festival Finals.

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