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2016 Daily Reports

Schedule Sunday 25 September

David Rydz (Poland)
Vladimir Stupnikov (Russia)
Video Round II: David Rydz (Poland)
Video Round II: Vladimir Stupnikov (Russia)
José Valente (Portugal)
Bartosz Kolsut (Poland)
Video Round II: José Valente (Portugal)
Video Round II: Bartosz Kolsut (Poland)
Mao Junhao (China)
Tadas Motiecius (Lithuania)
Video Round II: Mao Junhao (China)
1. Volodymyr Runchak: Yin and Yang — the harmony of the opposite
2. Luciano Berio: Sequenza XIII "Chanson"
3. Alberto Ginastera: 3rd movement of Danzas Argentina
Video Round II: Tadas Motiecius (Lithuania)

Winner of the PIF Cat. 2016 - Valente José (Portugal)

Entrants in the 3rd round performed with the String Orchestra of the “G.B. Pergolesi” Conservatory of Fermo, conducted by Daniele Giulio Moles at the Astra Theatre. The three finalists in Round III were required to perform the music “White Shadows” (Rai Publishers) composed by Fabrizio De Rossi Re. This work is liberally inspired by the film “White Shadows in the South Seas” by W.S. Van Dyke (1928).

You can download the Score and the Solo Accordion music and listen to the videos of the three finalists below.

Video of Round III: Valente José (Portugal)
Valente José (Portugal) receiving the special Award "Accordions Worldwide"
presented by Harley Jones / New Zealand consiting of 1 domain web-site or banner advertising for 1 year
Finale Premio Presentation
2nd prize winner PIF Mao Junhao (China)
Video of Round III: Mao Junhao (China)
The winners receiving the Città di Castelfidardo PIF Award handed over by the city officials
Mao Junhao (China)
Stupnikov Vladimir (Russia)
Damen Raffaele being awarded for having himself classified as Italian competitior with the highest marks in Cat. PIF
Valente José (Portugal)
3rd placer winner PIF - Stupnikov Vladimir (Russia)
Video of Round III: Stupnikov Vladimir (Russia)

Winner Category A - VOZBUTAS JONAS (Lituania)
Video: VOZBUTAS JONAS (Lituania) performs Tango Toccata composed by Petri Makkonen.
2nd place winner - Naixin -Zhang (China)
3rd place winner - Auaz Mauric (Slovenia)

Winner Cat B - Pagliari Alessandro (Italy)
2nd place winner cat. B - Polnik Krysztof (Poland)
3rd place winner cat. B - Kiriuhkin Arsenii (Russia)
Video: Winner Cat B - Pagliari Alessandro (Italy)

Winner Cat. C - Radu Ratoi (Moldavia)
2nd place winner - Galinurov Timor (Russia)
3rd place winner - Coruzzi Andrea (Italia)
Video: Winner Cat. C - Radu Ratoi (Moldavia)

Winner Cat D - Adrshin Artur (Russia)
Ceganjac Dusan (Serbia)
Bianco Michele (Italia)
Video: Winner Cat D - Adrshin Artur (Russia)
Winner Cat. E - Lecce Accordion Project (Italy)
Video: Winner Cat. E - Lecce Accordion Project (Italy)
Winner Cat F - Mischa Duo (Denmark)
Video: Winner Cat F - Mischa Duo (Denmark)
2nd place winner - Vio Dion Duo (Poland)
3rd placer winner - Korali Duo (Bosnia-Herzigovina)
Video: The string orchestra and the winner of the PIF Cat. 2016 - Valente José (Portugal) returned to the stage to perform again.

Valente José (Portugal) with his teacher Prof.Geir Draugsvoll from the Danish Royal Academy of Music.
Mao Junhao (China) with his teacher Cao Xiao-Qing
other competitors, prof. and judges waiting for the final competition of PIF as audience
Matteo Mengascini with Viivi Maria Saarenkylà
Kimmo Mattila (Finland) and Alexander Dimitriev (Russia)
Prof. Ciao Xing-Qing with his students from China
Saria Convertino
Alessandrini Family and Laura Francinella
Mr Guerrini(ORA) and Mr. Taddei
Alessio (Zerosette) and Alfred Melichar (Austria)
Davide Bugari
Steffy Line Bags
Jean Luois Noton
Saria Convertino with Accordionist
The Alessandrini Sisters with kids and Laura Francinella
Andrea Ballone Burini Family
Jovica Djordjevic with Holda
Andrea Naspi and Adriano - Pigini
after the Pif/2nd round....going to the square...
Gianluca Bibiani and Mirco Soprano
Raynald Ouellet and Roman Ibanov
Alessio Gerundini and Sven Karlsson
Alssandro Mugnoz with city hall official
Roberto Morbidoni and Davide Bugari
Jean Louis Noton with Andrea Ottavianelli
Head of Police Franco Gerboni with Local Civil Members
Sven Karlssons (Sweden), Alessio Gerundini (Zerosette), Holda, Andrea Ottavianelli (Bugari)

2016 Report: 22 September | 23 September | 24 September | 25 September | Results
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