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2016 Report: 22 September | 23 September | 24 September | 25 September | Results

2016 Daily Reports

The 2016 Castelfidardo Premio e Concorso Internazionale di Fisarmonica is organised by the Castelfidardo Municipal Administration, the Castelfidardo Pro Loco headed by Ruben Cittadini, and event Artistic Director Christian Riganelli.

The regulations are available in the following languages: 
Chinese: 2016cn 
English: 2016PIF
French: 2016fr 
Italian: 2016it 
Russian: 2016ru

Schedule Thursday 22 September

Schedule Friday 23 September

Schedule Saturday 24 September

Schedule Sunday 25 September

The Castelfidardo office Team

Strolling around Castelfidardo

Laurence and Hubert Gall, Claudio Sabbatini, Paolo Miles,
Maria-Rita Bartameoli -and on the right: Gary
Paolo Miles
Crystal Wang visiting Musictech with her students
meeting in the city with Antonio Spaccarotella and Jùrgen from Sweden
Crystal Wang with her students
Rules for Category M: Category M - Ensembles - no age limit - one round only
Category M is open to any group (with no age limit) including at least one accordion or diatonic accordion (of any model) or a bandoneon or a digital accordion, that should have the main role in the ensemble. Groups may contain more than one free reed instrument or with only free reed instruments (like the ones mentioned above).

Entrants must present a programme of their choice lasting no longer than 20 minutes, including arrangements and creative reworking of pieces from the world music, ethno jazz, ethnic, folk and traditional repertoires. Original compositions generically inspired by ethnic music are also accepted. The jury will consider both the quality of the performance and the artistic project of the group.
Jury - Names as listed on the table.
Kalinka (Russia)
Sanginet's Duo (Italy)
Sanginet's Duo (Italy)
Sound Project (Italy)
Sound Project (Italy)
AKKORD Duo (Italy)
Etno Duo (Italy)
Etno Duo (Italy)
Cerseyo (Italy)
Cerseyo (Italy)
Cerseyo (Italy)
Cerseyo (Italy)

Cerseyo (Italy)
Garmoshecka (Russia)
Garmoshecka (Russia)
Petta Oliveri Duo/Italy
Petta Oliveri Duo/Italy
Renzo Ruggieri, Renzo Gandolfi, Joao Pedro Teixereira and friend
Results Cat. M / World Music
sculpture of glas offered by a local artist
artistic director Christian Riganelli with wife and son
The Baffetti-Ladies: aount Milena and niece Benedetta
Ass.Culture: Ruben Cittadini and ex-Maire from Klingenthal: Rainer Schneidenbach
Christian Riganelli, Roberto Ascani, Ruben Cittadini signing responsible for the run of the Festival/Competition PIF
Holda and Maria Schneidenbach from Klingenthal
Benedetta and Milena Baffetti
Christian, Rainer, Roberto and Ruben
Laura Francinella with Danilo di Paolonicola.....
in discusstion with Luciano Biondini
Laura Belmonti with "Aria"
Alekander Dimiriev from Russia happy meeting with friends
Laura Francinella in her busy showroom
always smiling Jean-Louis Noton with Roberto Morbidoni
Sven Karlssons(Sweden) with Elisa Linari from Scandalli
Christian, Luciano, Ruben
M°Raimondas Sviackevicius with his students and Maria Schneidenbach
Ida TRingali and Gigi Faretra
Maria and Rainer Schneidenbach
Bugiolacchi Famili (Italcinte) with Mr/Mrs.Schneidenbach
The Maire of Castelfidardo: Roberto Ascani
Sweden/Norway with Elisa

Daniele Di Bonaventura complimenting himself with Axel Steinhart
for this wonderful collection of old Bandoneons

Alex Steinhart und Ruben Cittadini
the busy exposition hall with Daniele di Bonaventura performing
with many visitors during the opening ceremony
Astor Piazolla collection
also being complimented by Ex-Maire of Klingenthal: Mr. Rainer Schneidenbach (and wife Maria)
Holda with Marcel from Slovenia
Austria: Wolfgang Krones and Christian Wittmann
Daniele Di Bonaventura
Rainer Schneidenbach with a Bandoneon from his region
Danilo di Paolonicola
Alessandro Gaudio
performing in the Auditorium San Francesco
Diatonic Accordion Concert at the Auditorium San Francesco
Father giving some helpful hints to only 5 year old son
Artists, Students, Collegues travelling from the South of Italy with Alessandro Gaudio to perfom in Castelfidardo
Stefane Bonifassi, Holda, Jean-Louis Noton
Sergio Scappini, Holda, Alessio Gerundini, Jean-Louis Noton

2016 Report: 22 September | 23 September | 24 September | 25 September | Results
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