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2016 Daily Reports

Schedule Saturday 24 September

Jury for Categoy D Soloists with no age limit (22 competitors - below 5 last competitors)

Artistic Director Christian Riganelli
Toimenov Milos (Serbia)
Toppo Michele (Italy)
Zorzennon Davide (Italy)
Adrshin artu (Russia)
Asgeirsson Jona (Iceland)

Adversus Duo Concert

Andrea Coruzzi (accordion) and Agatha Bocedi (harp)

Andrea Coruzzi studies with Cesare Chiacchiaretta and in this concert they also perform a composition by Chiacchiaretta.
  Pictured with Cesare Chiacchiaretta after performing his composition Enchante.

Hanzhi Wang Concert

Premio Category Winner - PIF 2015

From the Program: Hanzhi Wang is considered to be one of the shining stars amongst the young upcoming generation of classical accordionists. In reviews she is described as "Mastefully", "Technically flawless" and "remarkable stage presence".
Partita in C minor - J. S. Bach
Passing 1, Menuetto, Passing 3 - Martin Lohse.
The Little Match Girl - Martin Lohse.
Like a Water-Buffalo Yuji Takahashi
No. 1, Sommerfugl (Butterfly), No. 4, Liten fugl (Little
Bird) - Edvard Grieg from Book III, Op. 43.
My Story - arr. Hanzhi Wang


Programm for the AperiPIF
with wonderuf wine and local food tasting after the concert
present (Thomas Henning) and previous(Rainer Schneidenbach/Mrs Maires of Klingenthal
Maria and Rainer Schneidenbach with previous Maire of Castelfidardo Mirco Soprani
Mr/Mrs. Walter
Harley Jones with prev. artistic director of the Castelfidardo Festival Paolo Picchio
Holda with Giuseppe Gatto
Holda and Maria
M°Jacque Mornet with his french group of competitors
Ladislav Horak with Paolo Picchio
Holda and Thoma Hennig (Maire of Klingenthal)
Holda with Rainer Schneidenbach (ex-maire of Klingenthal)
Head of Police: Franco Gerboni, Ex-maire of Klingenthal Rainer Schneidenbach, Benjamino Bugiolacchi (Italcinte), Holda, Aldo Belmonti (president of PROLOCO) Thomas Hennig Maire of Klingenthal

Massimiliano Pitocco, Emanual Antolini, Dario Flamini
Lars Karlsson, Holda, Mogens Bækgaard, Sven Karlsson
Raimondas Sviackevicius, Holda, Zoran Rakic
Pamela Pingiotti, Danilo DI Paolonicola, Fausto Fabi, Antonio Spaccarotella and Giorgio Dellarole
Federico Pigini with the "Lecce Accordion Project"
Massimo Pigini with grandson
Giuliana Garofoli with daughter Emma
Danilo di Paolonicola with girlfriend Pamela Pingiotti
Giorgio Dellarole (Italy)with Frank Angelis (France)
Giampiero Giustozzi with his wife Silvia Gagliardini
Simone Zanchini
lovely evening at Porta Marina with lively Tango Music and dancers
Holda with Sabrina from Giemme Bellows
Gianfranco (Giemme Bellows) with Holda
Lucia Bontempi (Orla) with Holda
Danilo Di Paolonicola, Pamela Pingiotti and Mirco Patarini
Federico Pigini with art.director Cristian Riganelli
the busy Castelfidado OFFICE Team
Massimiliano Pitocco with Francesca Pçigini

2016 Report: 22 September | 23 September | 24 September | 25 September | Results
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