38th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival
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was the focus on the 14th and 15th of September 2013 and the below JUDGES had the duty to adjudicate more than
100 competitors, and to find the winners from the many young people who came to participate for the first time in the
diatonic accordion competition "Città di Castelfidardo".
Jury: M° Giuliano Cameli, M° Roberto Lucanero, Head of Jury Svetlana Skorobogataia, M° Vittorio Bernardi, M° Giovanni Finoia

During the evening concerts in Piazza della Repubblica in front of the City Hall of Castelfidardo....the audience could enjoy
M° Roberto Lucanero
M° Roberto Lucanero
M° Giuliano Cameli
M° Giuliano Cameli
Competitor from Sardinia with wonderful and colourful traditional clothing receiving much appreciation from the spectators
...just as the dancers... and the musicians playing in the street....
a special moment was dedicated to the disabled when Giulia announced in perfect English and than 2 Ladies performed a waltz in wheelchairs showing, that one can do almost everything - though being phisically disabled
The trophy of the AMISAD for the diatonic accordion winner ...at the inscriptions for the event...with M° and Aldo Belmonti
The beautiful Auditorium San Francesco with venue for the pricegiving and final concert of the diatonic accordion and organetti event 2013.
M° Roberto Lucanero, M° Giovanni Finoia, M° Vittorio Bernardi, M° Giuliano Cameli, Aldo Belmonit, Giancarlo Ronconi, Fracesca Santini

President Giancarlo Ronconi with Francesca Santini   Vice President AMISAD Aldo Belmonti and
President AMISAD Giancarlo Ronconi
All winners presented with an award/diploma in the Auditorium San Francesco in Castelfidardo by Aldo Belmonti and Giancarlo Ronconi

Winner Marco Pomantiof the diatonic
accordion event Marco Poimanti
and the organetti competition
final picture of a great new event in Castelfidardo with all the jury M° Vittorio Bernardi, M° Giovanni Finoia, President AMISAD Giancarlo Ronconi, M° Roberto Lucanero, Vizepresident AMISAD Aldo Belmonti (from left) and winners presented by Francesca Santini (right) with M° Giuliano Cameli (jury)

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