38th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival
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Friday 20th September
Friday...a sunny and warm day with all the competitors on their way to compete against each other...

President of the Proloco Aldo Belmonti, Holda and the Maire of Castelfidardo Mirco Soprani
Castelfidardo is remembering one of his greatest musicians and accordionist Gervasio Marcosignori who died earlier this year.
The fantastic Giuglielmi Brothers entertaining the large audience
and listening to them also other great artists from the "No Time Tango 4rtet" with official "filmer" Antonella Toccaceli
Laura and Aldo Belmonti with Holda
Nazzareno Carini with Vincenzo from the Barvin Edition showing his new book about Castelfidardo
in the Auditorium San Francesco with Borsini Artist
Raimo Vertainen, Francesca Pigini and Marco Cinaglia/Roland
Holda with Simone Mannarino
and Gianni Mirizzi
Marie Luise Kühnert
with Francesca Pigini
Holda and Francesca Pigini
Natalie Boucheix and Jacque Mornet from the CNIMA School/France - Holda
Alexandar Kolovski and Danjiel Piller both 1st prize winners
Peter Moger, Jury Member, Jovica Djordjevic, Danjiel Piller
Borsini Artist
Vincenzo Abbracciante
Paolo Picchio and Claudio Jacomucci
during their meeting in the "Sala degli Stemmi" with the subject: "Scenarios and Strategies for the future of the Accordion"
Delagation of Klingenthal from left
Maire of Castelfidardo Mirco Soprani, Mr.Meisel, Mr./Mrs. Bràunig, Manfred Gàbler,Maria Schneidenbach, Holde Gàbler, Rainer Schneidenbach and Beniamino Bugiolacchi
Photographic Exposition opening by Klingenthal with Mr./Mrs Schneidenbach, Beniamino Bugiolacchi, the Marie of Castelfidardo Mirco Soprani, Translator Linda and Exposition Ideator Mr.Meisel
Andrea Ballone Burini with Jacque Mornet / CNIMA
Maestro Jovica Djordjevic and his winning student Danijel Piller
Carlo and Kathrin Borsini
Francesca Santini with Federico Pigini (right) and Pigini Staff
Mr./Mrs. Galassi giving proof, that their cardpaper chairs will resist even for 2 people sitting on it ;-)
Mr./Mrs. Francinella (builder and owner of the biggest accordion in the world/left) and Mr.Mrs. Menghini of Scandalli Accordions
Daniela Pierantoni/Paolo Soprani, Jovica Djordjevic and Holda
Marisa, Holda and Ivana Zagaglia (right)
Danijel Piller, Austria, Cat. D winner
Danijel Piller, Austria, Cat. D winner
Lorenzo Bosica, Italy, Cat. G winner
Alexandar Kolovski, Macedonia, Cat. H winner
Michele Moreschi from Paolo Soprani
Creative Quintet, Poland, 2nd Place, Cat I winner
Creative Quintet, Poland, 2nd Place, Cat I winner
Bayanists of Ekaterinburg, Russia, Cat I winner
Orchestra Giovanile Castelfidardo performing to a fully seated and in part standing audience

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