38th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival
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Thursday 19th September

vocal guest Star Grazia di Michele

Theatre ASTRA - another beautiful evening in a fully packed concert Hall waiting for the the musicians:
Francesco Citera - accordion
Pietro Ciuccio - percussion
Rocco Basile - contrabasso
Filippo D'Allio - guitar
Sponsor of the evening: BAFFETTI-ACCORDIONS

Peter Moger and Musictech/Claudio Sabbatini
[ Raimo Vertainen from Finland with Harley Jones/New Zealand
Robin Hylland, Fausto Fabi, Romano Viazzani, Gary Blair
Brazil visiting Castelfidardo with Alessio Gerundini/07 Accordions
Alessio Gerundini, Federico Pigini with brazilian visitor
Barvin Edizioni (2left) with Roland (2right)
Davide Bugari and Alessandro Claudio
Moger Peter with Holda
Antonella Toccaceli with the Giuglielmi Brothers
Claudio Binci with Holda
Antonio Spaccarotella with Davide Bugari
Robin Hylland, Fausto Fabi and Gary Blair both being guests of the Reality Show in Live Streaming
Mat Fabi with his friend
Holda and Antonio Spaccarotella
Peter Moger, Fausto Fabi and Giansandro Breccia/Paolo Soprani
Harley Jones filming and to be seen in our news of AWW from 20th Sept 2013 - 7pm

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