Wednesday 11th October 2006 - Daily Photo Report and Results
During the day, many of the competition and festival attendees are arriving. The program starts in the evening with the competition classes starting tomorrow.
A smiling Paolo Picchio, event Artistic Director, was in the office to welcome everyone. Accodemia Trio performers: Sergei Likhachov, Svetlana Stavitskaya, Vladimir Ushakov from St Petersburg, Russia.
Heather Masefield (New Zealand) and Mirco Patarini of SEM, Scandalli, Paolo Soprani. Holda Paoletti-Kampl (Accordions Worldwide Europe Manager) and Massimiliano Pitocco.
Cafe accordion at its best with one enterprising accordion factory posting a "Try Me" sign on an accordion at the local cafe by City Hall. Mirco Patarini and UK National Accordion Organisation Officer and Past Chairperson, Gina Brannelli.

The event began with the 9:30 pm evening concert titled "Musica Senza Parole" where solo accordionists perform with a taped music group backing. No photos unfortunately of this usually very interesting evening as I attended the Pigini 60th Birthday concert in Rimini.