Thursday 12th October 2006 - Daily Photo Report and Results
The competitions started at 9:30 am and one of the important classes, Category H - Light Music Section - Soloists no age limit, was running.
First competitor in the morning was Marie Claire Geroix (France) Roman Kapranow (Ukraine)
Mikhail Kolomytsev (Russia) Grayson Masefield (New Zealand)
Jury for Category H were: Gianluca Campi (Italy), Roberto Fuccelli (Italy), Alexander Dmitriev (Russia), Klaudiusz Baran (Poland), Want Shusheng (China).
Heather Masefield, Mirco Patarini, Holda Paoletti-Kampl. Jacques Mornet (France) cogratulating Jazz exponent and teacher Renzo Ruggieri (Italy) on his students win in the under 18 years light music category.

Renzo Ruggieri, Mario D'amario, winner - under 18 years light music category, Frederic Deschamps (France).
  Famous Jean Louis Noton (France) showing the features of the Cavagnolo wireless, MIDI and reedless accordion to Dimitri Saussard (France).
The finals for Class H were held in the afternoon
Cyril Blanchard (France) powered his performance for strong finish and 4th placing, just pipped for 3rd. Excuse the water bottle and judges shoulders in the following photos. Veronica Todorova (Bulgaria) held up the banner for the ladies with a close marks battle for 3rd.
Dimitri Saussard (France) showed musicality and technique earning him 2nd place. Phil Bouvier showing all the intensity that won him 1st place.
Power, heart and soul were all there with Phil Bouvier, on his way to 1st place. Mikhail Kolomytsen (Russia) was picturesque, musical and certainly did "the most with the least" quantity of buttons for 5th place.
Roman Kapranow (Ukraine) in 6th. The Evening Concert
Alexian "Andre miro Romano Gi Tour". This wonderful gypsy group with Alexian Santino Spinelli (accordion), Gennaro Spinelli (percussion), Luciano Pannese (double bass), Andrea Castelfranato (guitar), Silvia Faugno (voice, dance) were enjoyed by the audience.

The Farias Group provided the second part of the evening concert and were greatly enjoyed by the audience. Raul Farias (guitar, vocal), Riccardo Taddei (accordion, keyboard), Edelmiro Farias (guitar, voice), Walter Farias (bass guitar, voice), Justo Farias (guitar, voice), Roman Gomes (piano), Roberto Lagoa (percussion).
Sorry no photos, but the camera battery cried enough!