Friday 13th October 2006 - Daily Photo Report and Results
Competition classes were running morning and afternoon. As well as competitions, many other accordion related activities happen during the festival.

One interesting activity was French teacher Frederic Deschamps taking some students to perform at the machine factory that produces lots of the metal parts for accordion manufacture in the area. Belo are some photos of this visit. In reverse, it was equally interesting for the students, to learn more about how their accordions are manufacturered.
Interested students watching the production processes. Setting keyboards.
Concert began - Grayson Masefield. Castelfidardo light music solo winner Phil Bouvier showing everyone, what they are building can really sound great.
powering the bellows for the workers. Workers and players all having a fun photo together.
In Castelfidardo, its a real pleasure to see so many accordion identities in one place. Some of those attending are photographed here.
Justyna and Klaudius Baran (Poland). Paul Chamberlain (Scotland) and David Keen, editor of Accordion World magazine (UK).
Nikolay Kravtsov (Russia) and Solovuv Viadimiz, Rector of Conservatory Petrozavodsk (Russia). Nenad Ercegovcevic (Serbia) not competiting this year due to damaged accordion with Ksenija Sidorova (Lithuania) now studying in the UK with Owen Murray.
Alexander Dmitriev of St Petersburg Ladislav Horak (Czech) and Luigi Donora (Italy) taking a break from judging.
Herbert Scheibenrief (Austria) of Frederic Lips Productions Heather Masefield (New Zealand) and Alessandro Mugnoz (Italy) also on a break from judging. Alessandro is also a CD Reviewer for Accordions Worldwide.
Moreno and Mirco Patarini enjoying lunch. Ulrich Schmuelling (Germany) of Intermusik and Karthause Schmuelling publications.
Aleksandar Nikolis (Serbia) and Miljan Bjeletic (Serbia). Thomas Rasmus (Germany) at his music display.
Ulrich Schmuelling and N. Mengascini, owner of Beltuna Accordion Factory. Concert artist and composer Vladimir Zubitsky now living Italy. Only minutes after taking the photo, I was listening to someone performing a Zubitksy work.
Guenther Zeilinger (Germany), director of the Akkordeon Orchester Hof. Mirco Patarini (Italy) and Aleksandar Nikolis (Serbia) at dinner.
A lovely feature of the Castelfidardo event is how the shops in the city have various accordion displays in cooperation with manufacturers, all helping add to the "accordion in the community" feel of the festival.
  Even City Hall is decorated "accordion" with a large poster, and banners in the windows.
The very famous Castelfidardo Accordion Museum was open extra hours for all the international visitors. The entrance to the Castelfidardo Accordion Museum, a must visit for any accordion enthusiast coming to Castelfidardo..