Saturday 14th October 2006 - Daily Photo Report and Results
Competition classes continued morning and afternoon with a very full day for the adjudicators. Alot of accordionists also enjoying the town.
Concertina group (Moldovia) with a 1st in the Piazzolla group category. Svetlana Stavitskaya (Latvia) and Vladimir Ushakov (Russia - piano) in duet.
Vladimir Ushakov (Russia) and Svetlana Stavitskaya (Latvia) now with two accordions in duet. Marko Miletic (Serbia)
Ivana Mirkov (Serbia) Nevena Projovic (Serbia)
Michael Rettig (Germany) Nikola Kerkez (Serbia)
A concert by the two most highly placed German performers at the 43rd Klingenthal Competitions in May 2006 were invited to perform. This was Elena Lutz and Valentin Butt. This was followed by the prize giving for some classes.
Elena Lutz Valentin Butt
Nikolas Lazik (Austria), winner Category B, Classical Music Section, Soloists up to the age 15. The Mayor of Klingenthal (Germany) presented the trophy to Nikolas Lazik.
Ksenija Sidorova (Lithuania) being presented 3rd prize trophy for Category C, Classical Music Section - Soloists up to the age of 18. Bo-long Jiang (China), winner Category C, Classical Music Section - Soloists up to the age of 18.
Bo-long Jiang (China), plays a Pigini accordon and he invited Massimo Pigini to have a photo taken with him and his friend Tian Jia Nan. Heather Masefield (New Zealand) and Aldo Belmonti of the Castelfidardo City Tourist Association.
Djordjevic Jovica, teacher of Nikolas Lazik and teacher at the Konservaory "Gustav Mahler", Vienna. Massimo Pigini and Harley Jones.
Evening Concert
The evening concert began with Claudio Jacomucci (accordion) and Kathleen Delaney (dance). Guest artist was the famous Coba and the Yasuhiro Kobayashi Group from Japan. Coba (accordion), Kiyotsugu Amano (guitar), Saori Sendo (percussion).
Coba also did some solos. He spoke fluent Italian through the concert and the audience loved him and his group and their unique style of wonderful music. Coba is so popular in Japan that he even came to Castelfidardo with his own fan club of supporters who filled the large tour bus!