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General Eligibility - International Chamber Music Competition, 2003
  • There is no limit of numbers of candidates from each country.
  • There is no age limit for contestants entering this category.
  • For full eligibility, please see General Information and Conditions
  • Entries Close: August 20, 2003
Own Choice Programme
  • For accordion and one or two other instruments (ie: woodwind, brass, string instruments, percussion, piano. Not for accordion duet/trio.)
  • Chamber Music competition is designed for Classical Music only (not Folk)
  • Own choice program consisting of at least two (2) pieces including one (1) transcription/arrangement and one (1) original piece of different style and character
  • Accordion candidate must provide own instruments and players for other musicians (except:piano)
  • Playing time: maximum 20 minutes. Failure to observe the maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty by the jury.
  • Marking will take into consideration program choice, level of playing and ensemble work.
  • Accordion part must play at least an equal role to other one or two instrumentalists (ie: not accompianment.)
Prizes and Awards - DHL International Chamber Music Competition, 2003
  • All Dhamber Ensembles shall receive a Diploma of participation
  • 1st Prize: SKK 25,000, 2nd: SKK 14,000, 3rd: SKK 10,000
  • National member associations are requested to offer concerts or a tour for the 1st Prize Winners.
  • All winners must be present in person at the awards ceremony in appropriate attire. In case of absence, the prize may be accepted by a delegate of their country. Diplomas will be mailed by the Secretariat.

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