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china flag  China Celebrates World Accordion Day
Popular Music of Spring Concert - 1st May 2009

The Shanghai Spring National Accordion Competition dedicated this grand concert in honor and celebration of World Accordion Day.
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This concert was produced by the Shanghai Normal University staff and music students who's superb cooperation and expertise produced a spectacular entertainment program of popular and folk music featuring accordion soloists, duets and groups. Combining full choreography with professional band musicians, organizers gave particular attention to lighting, stage design and sound and video equipment for the artists making for a spectacular show, the first of its kind in China, and one that will be long remembered.

Below are the three main Concert organizers:

li con crystal wang miao long
Prof. Li Cong is the chief organiser and
Head of the Music College.
Crystal Wang - accordion tutor at
Shanghai Normal University
Director: Miao Xiao Long, Dance teacher
at Shanghai Normal University.
shanghai program
Popular Music of Spring Concert - 1st May 2009
Ge Jia Qi and the band, duo with guitarist Li Wen
Xia Xian
Zhuo Sheng Ji
Chen Shu Wen
Cao Pei Ya
Cao Pei Ya and Chen Shu Wen
Ge Jia Qi
Chen Shu Wen
Zhuo Sheng Ji and Xia Xian
Left to Right: Xia Xian, Zhuo Sheng Ji, Cao Pei Ya,
Chen Shu Wen, Wang Li Li, Sang Yu Ting
Zhuo Sheng Ji and Wan Yi Zhong
All the accordionists on stage for the Finale.
china concert
Confetti filled the stage for the spectacular visual finale to this
World Accordion Day Celebration Concert
Zhang Zi Qiang - President
Accordion Association of
Chinese Musicians Association (CAA)
Li Cong - Concert organizer
Harley Jones - CIA Public Relations Manager
and Director of Accordions Worldwide

What:  World Accordion Day
When: 6th May
Why: a unified global effort to celebrate and promote the Accordion
Where: World Wide!
Contact: Harley Jones - CIA Public Relations Officer e-mail:

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