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Daily Reports
17 September 2020

This is a 5 hour video. Allow time for the video to load and start playing. Start 2:20 mins
1st Round Premio Classic Category

Video Times

Jury Introduction 2:20
1. Ryan Corbett (United Kingdom) 5:15
2. Artem Malkhasyan (Russia) 31:14
3. Alberto Vernarelli (Italy) 1:09:34
4. Julien Beautemps (France) 1:38:40
5. Flemming Vioar Valmundsson (Denmark) 2:07:56
6. Augustinas Rakauskas (Lithuania) 2:39:00
7. Luigi Gordano (Italy) 3:22:26
8. Alexey Mykitenko (Russia) 3:46:04
9. Artem Trtiakov (Russia) 4:15:33
10. Zhang Zhiyuan (China) 4:27:45
Contestant No. 1 United Kingdom Contestant No. 2 Russia Contestant No. 3 Italy
Contestant No. 4 France Contestant No. 5 Iceland Contestant No. 6 Lithuania
Contestant No. 7 Italy Contestant No. 8 Russia Contestant No. 9 Russia
  Contestant No. 10 China  
Thursday, the bright star of a great and multifaceted pianist like Danilo Rea combines with the excellence of one of the most important jazz accordionists, Luciano Biondini, an exclusive concert that will not overlook a tribute to Ennio Morricone (tickets at Euro 20, pre-sales in Pro Loco and online

Music Marche Meeting

A special meeting was scheduled by newly elected President Massimo Pigini on September 19th 2020, due to the Pif/Castelfidardo and the shortly opened and renovated Accordion Museum in Castelfidardo (which was featured on AWW-News on August 28th, 2020 )

Participating many of the companies/partners of Music Marche, which has its goal to maintain longtime handicraft traditions, develope new ideas and let the entire world listen, see and enjoy the music featured by excellent instruments made in Castelfidaro, performed by outstanding italian as well as international accordion artists.

Music Marche has closey inspired the officials in the rennovation of the museum, also with sponsoring Euro 10.940 to the "Art-Bonus" (which is a project by MIBACT/Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali - GOVERNMENT department for maintainging cultural assets and activities)

Music Marche Companies/Partners
Massimo Pigini - President of the Music Marche (left) and Beniamino Bugiolacchi, Laura Francinella and Mayor of Castelfidardo Roberto Ascani informing the audience of the rennovations, aims, assistance by the city hall and future projects by Music Marche
Maestro Cristian Riganelli and director of the Accordion Museum holding his speech to the participents