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Daily Reports
16 September 2020

The program of the Astra evenings begins on Wednesday (9.30pm, free admission) with the show "All the colors of the world" inspired by the PIF theme, a meeting of arts and talents featuring "La Compagnia degli Istanti" composed by Roberto Lori (direction and choreography), Daniele Di Bonaventura (bandoneon, piano), Angelo Miele (accordion), Fabio Bacaloni (actor, dancer), Roberta Conti (visual artist), Michela Paoloni (dancer), Filippo Ruggieri (filmmaker).
This is a very large video so please allow 1-2 minutes for it to buffer. Restart the video if necessary.
Announcing starts at 1:08 mins, Concert start 41:30 mins

Opening Concert Video - Accordion: The Colors That Will Come.

Francesca and Federico Pigini with obligatory mask Luciano Biondini with Riccardo and Elke.
Artistic Director Renzo Ruggieri with Luciano Biondini who will perform on Thursday 17th together with Danilo Rea in the Astra Theatre.
Not used in Castelfidardo to so many empty places - but Covid-19 has made its own rules and so Castelfidardo is adapting to the new situation of audience spacing.
Ruben Cittadini (ass/culture), Roberto Ascani (Mayor) Massimo Pigini (Pigini Accordions and also President of Music Marche Accordion Manufacturers Association) Pif-Paolo and Renzo Ruggieri.
Welcome speech of Mayor of Castelfidardeo Roberto Ascani.
Welcome speech of: Councilor for Culture/Castelfidardeo / Ruben Cittadini
Welcome speech of: Accordion producer Massimo Pigini for Music Marche Accordion Manufacturers Association
Welcome speech of the Artistic Director of the PIF - Renzo Ruggieri
Concert performance: Angelo Miele
Bandoneonist/Pianist Daniele Di Bonaventura with artists of the Compagnia degli istanti.