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Two New Friedrich Lips Books Released - Austria

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Friedrich LipsHerbert Scheibenreif'It Seems Like Yesterday' Cat: 9951-1-3 €35 or USD plus postage
380 pages · 83 photos · Format 17 × 24 cm
German edition: 'Als wäre es gestern gewesen' Cat: 9951-0-6 €35 or USD plus postage

Dr Herbert Scheibenreif, long time Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions has been the publisher and translator of the two new Friedrich Lips books 'It Seems Like Yesterday' English edition and 'Als wäre es gestern gewesen' German edition. These two books are the latest Friedrich Lips publications that include an incredible 50 CDs, 6 previous books in 3 languages and numerous educational papers.

Author of 'It Seems Like Yesterday' Friedrich Lips tells about wonderful musicians - teachers, composers, conductors, performers, with whom fate brought him together. Possessing a bright literary gift, the author in detailed analytical articles, memoirs, small sketches creates living creative portraits of his contemporaries, who are now living, as well as those who have passed away in the last decade, talks about the events that made the artist's life so rich.

The book will be of great help to everyone who studies and performs contemporary music for accordion. Of undoubted interest for class work will be the annotations to the numerous CDs of the author.

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31 Lips CDs: Friedrich Lips, CD3Packs, CD6Packs, CDPack
It Seems Like Yesterday Cat: 9951-1-3
Als wäre es gestern gewesen Cat: 9951-0-6
The Art of Accordion Playing Cat: kslips00
The Art of Arranging Classical Music for Accordion Cat: kslips03
Die Kunst des Bajanspiels Cat: kslips01
Die Kunst der Bearbeitung klassischer Musik für Akkordeon Cat: kslips02

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Lips CD covers
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