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Results: International Competition and Festival “Eurasia III” - Russia

Eurasia III
The International Competition and Festival “Eurasia III” was held from October 24th to 30th in Ekaterinburg, Ural region, Russia. The Competition organizers were the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture of the Ekaterinburg region, “Mikhail Ulyashkin Charity Foundation”, Ekaterinburg College of Music named after P. Tchaikovsky, Ural College of Music and Ekaterinburg Conservatory of Music named after M. Mussorgsky.

The Artistic director of the festival is Mikhail Ulyashkin, professor head of the folk strings instrument department of Ekaterinburg Conservatory, Merited Artist of Russia, and one of the most well-known Russian domra players and teachers.

The competition is held every four years and this year, over 100 participants competed in a number of instrument categories including piano accordion and button accordion.

Mirco Patarini, CIA President (pictured below) represented the Confederation International des Accordionistes and spoke during the opening ceremony and the prize giving concert and took part as concert artist at the opening concert.

Members of the accordion jury were Mirco Patarini (Italy - chairman of all jury panels), Friedrich Lips, Alexander Selivanov, Oleg Sharov, Radzhap Shaihutdinov, Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Igor Gerber, Victor Romanko (Russia), Zoran Rakic (Serbia), Tatiana Marx (Australia), Damir Sultanov (Kazakhstan) and Nikolai Sevrukov (Belorussia) - pictured above.

The competition program included 3 rounds: Third round with orchestra; 1 and 2 rounds included polyphony, lyrical and virtuoso pieces, European music of 17th to 18th century, cyclic works and arrangements of folk/popular melodies.
The 3rd round music was:
“Opale – concerto” by R. Galliano for Piano accordion category.
“Volga pictures” by G. Shenderiov for Button accordion category.

The Festival program included concerts by previous Eurasia competition winners, a concert by the Ekaterinburg Russian folk instruments orchestra, a concert by Jury members (accordion Jury represented by Mirco Patarini and Victor Romanko) and a final Gala concert by Eurasia III winners with a symphony orchestra and Russian Folk instruments orchestra.

Winners of accordion categories:

Piano accordion:
1st: Danil Sharaviev (Ekaterinburg)
2nd: Arslan Aliev (Moscow)
3rd: Nikita Sirchin (Krasnoyarsk)

Button accordion:
1st: Olzhas Nurlanov (Moscow)
2nd: Vladimir Stupnikov (Moscow)
3rd: Artur Adrshin (Saint Peterburg)
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