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New CD by Tian Jianan, De Profundis Release, Beijing - China

Release concert of De Profundis CD poster
Tian JiananOn 24th June, the new CD, catalog tjianan05 De Profundis was released at the Central conservatory of Music in Beijing. Poster above. Picture left of Tian Jianan performing at the CD release.

This new CD by winner of international competitions, Tian Jianan, will be her 5th album release.

The track list of De Profundis is:
1. Prelude and Fugue in F# minor BWV 883, J. S. Bach 7:08
2. Sequenza XIII "Chanson" L. Berio 8:58
3. De Profundis, S. Gubaidulina 11:26
4. Jeux D'anches, M. Lindberg 7:16
5. Sonata for Piano, (III) S. Barber 3:11
6. Sonata for Piano, (I, III) I. Stravinsky 5:19
7. High way for one, I. Hölszky 8:52
8. Sonata No. 6, A. Kusyakov 11:46

Some words by Tian Jianan about the new CD.
"This is an album regardless of the cost."
"This is a challenging performance album"
"This is a high artistic taste positioning album"

Further details and sound samples of each track at: tjianan05
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