Press Conference - 30th October 2007, Pesaro, Italy
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Press Release including V-Accordion History Jury Information Competition Rules

Everyone was met at the door by Akira Hanechi (Roland Europe Manager)
and by Luigi Bruti, the originator of the V-Accordion who

is also the Marketing Director of Roland Europe SpA.
This is the main poster advertizing the event in the Pesaro area
with lots of posters and advertizing banners around the area.
The Press Conference began with an introduction by Marco Cinaglia,
Roland Marketing Division and V-Accordion Product Manager.
Marco Cinaglia then introduced Chairman of the Jury, Marco Giannotti,
the Director of the “G. Rossini” Music Academy in Pesaro.
Following was Luigi Bruti. Luigi Bruti spoke about how much the
accordion is used in modern pop groups. The Roland V-Accordion has strong market potential to the many keyboard players in groups around the world, who would like to utilise the popular sound of the accordion in their group.
The accordion is on a strong rise of popularity. Big names such as Celine Dion, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Julieta Venegas, Shakira,
Ricky Martin, In Grid, Biagio Antonacci all use accordion
extensively on stage and in their recordings.
The Jury for the Roland Festival finals was announced - listed above.
clicca informazione giuria Jury Information
The Solo Finalists were announced.
The Pesaro City official in charge of Culture, Luca Bartolucci
spoke next about the Roland Festival.
Sergio Scappini, one of the adjudicators then played for the
press conference. He demonstrated a huge range of different
music styles (with accordion reed and electronic sounds) that
the Roland V-Accordion is capable of.
A recent newspaper article about a performance by Sergio Scappini
using the the Roland V-Accordion was shown.
Akira Hanechi (Roland Europe Manager) made a short speech emphasizing the strong Management committment for the Roland Accordion-V
project and its most successful start. He thanked everyone for attending.
Sergio Scappini and Holda Paoletti-Kampl (Accordions Worldwide Manager).
Sara Rosetti (Roland Marketing) and Roberto Gaetani (Roland R&D Department - Chief Sound Engineer). Roberto is also the Chief sound
engineer for the Roland Accordion-V project.

Some invited guests for lunch. Left to right: 2. Luca Bartolucci, 3. Marco Cinaglia, 4. Sara Rosetti, 5. Roberto Gaetani, 6. Sergio Scappini,
7. Adalberto Zeller, 8. Carlo Antonelli, 9. Luigi Bruti, 10. Holda Paoletti-Kampl, 11. Mirco Patarini.
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