Saturday 10th November 2007, Pesaro, Italy
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Press Release including V-Accordion History Jury Information Competition Rules


The playing order for the Finale Competition and Concert.
Kimmo Mattila, Luigi Ferrari and Romano Viazzani. Luigi is one of
the founding developers of the V-Accordion design.
Trophies were being displayed and looked very nice.
A close-up of the winners trophy.
Roland had a nice display outside the hall where accordionists could play instruments with headphones and not disturb anyone.
Jury member Kimmo Mattila from Finland could even
have the instrument set up with Finnish system.

A large sign featuring a TV promotional video that was running all the time.
Amelie Castel of France, Roland France Vincent Riviale, Akira Hanechi Manager of Roland Europe, famous teacher Jacques Mornet.
Akio Oda and Monica Polidori of Roland Europe.

First Roland V-Accordion Contest Results

Solo Category:
1st - Amelie Castel of France;
2nd - Uwe Steger of Germany;
3rd - Pavlov Runov of Italy.

Group Category:
1st - Kai Andre Hansen and Glenn Sorskar of Norway;
2nd - Daniel Kahuda, Hanus Axmann, Frantisek Tomasek of Czech Republic;
3rd - Lena and Vadym Samarsky of Germany.

Finale Concert
Preparations for the final concert began early
with the film crew setting up.
A four camera professional film crew were setting up
and Roland outfitted them with very nice V-Accordion sweaters.
RAI had a camera man there too.
Akira Hanechi Manager Roland Europe and Yoshitaka Shibata, Roland Rotterdam Asst. Manager were there early too along with
many Roland staff checking preparations.
Mimmo Vicari of Roland alongside the event poster which was
used extensively.
Holda Paoletti-Kampl, Manager Accordions Worldwide and
Giorgio Ricci, Roland Europe Product Manager.
The hall was soon filling up.
In the audience was Suzie and professional accordionist
Yogi Martin from New Zealand who travelled from
London to view the event?
The Finale began with a walk-in by the contestants
each carrying their own national flag.
France and Italy walking in.
Compere Giulia Bove began the Finale Concert.

Video 1: Finals, Contestants 1 to 4

Video 2: Finals, Contestants 5 to 7 (includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners)

Video 3: Concert

Video 4: Results and Presentation

Video 5: Interviews, filming around the event, performances from the earlier rounds of the competition.

All the contestants then lined up on the stage, with the national flags adding to a very colorful scene.
The compere welcomed the audience
and introduced the contestants.
The large stage screen then featured an address by
Roland Founder Ikutaro Kakehashi from Japan to the audience.
The Roland V-accordion development and marketing program
clearly has strong management support from the very top of the company.
John Lettieri representing Canada was first to perform. Here you can see the large screen being used - a first for an accordion competition in Italy.
Next representing Spain was Jesus Penaranda Portilla. Here you can see the compere Giulia Bove with professional head microphone gear and the large screen.
While the contestants were playing and being filmed, the large stage screen showed live filming. Here you can see Bruno Noritz Neto on the stage and on the large screen, a close up of his keyboard. Really nice for the audience and a real addition to any accordion competition.
Ragner Johnsen representing Norway.
Amelie Castel representing France made a really powerful
motivated performance. She was the first of the three finalists to perform.
Amelie Castel was very popular and probably received the
biggest applause of the night.
Pavlo Runov representing Italy enjoying the strong audience applause
for probably the most technical performance using the
free bass facility of the V-accordion extensively.
Uwe Steger representing Germany being introduced to the audience.
In the first section of the competition his performance was very strongly
applauded, so his second performance was eagerly awaited.
Uwe Steger getting very strong applause at the end of his performance.
That concluded the solo performances part of the competition.
Adjudicator Kimmo Mattila, jazz performer and CD reviewer
Alessandro Mugnoz and Harley Jones of Accordions Worldwide
chatting during the interval.
Trio L'Arracheucoeur of Daniel Kahuda, Hanus Axmann and Frantisek Tomasek of Czech setting up to perform.
Norway duet by Kai Andre Hansen and Glenn Sorskar, was an intense performance by these two young men.
Lena (violin) and Vadym Samarsky (V-accordion) representing
Germany were a delightful combination to listen to.
Guest artist Simone Zanchini performed while
the judges selected the winners.
There was even a draw for seat prizes of various Roland products,
with seat numbers announced drawn by young Giulia.
A very happy prize winner receiving a Roland EXR-5s keyboard.
Prize giving announcements: Akira Hanechi, Luigi Bruti, Marco Giannotti and the compere.
Akira Hanechi (Roland Europe Manager), Amelie Castel (France - 1st prize) and Luigi Bruti (Marketing Director, Roland Europe).
Another photo, this time including the impressive framed
certificate and teacher Jacques Mornet of France.
Akira Hanechi, Kai Andre Hansen and Glenn Sorskar and Luigi Bruti
with 1st prize trophy and certificates for the group section.
The prize giving completed a very successful First V-Accordion Festival and Contest by Roland.
Congratulations to all those responsible for organising an excellent accordion event
enjoyed by all those lucky enough to be able to attend.

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