Friday 9th November 2007, Pesaro, Italy
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Press Release including V-Accordion History Jury Information Competition Rules



The entrance the venue of the Conservatorio Rossini, Auditorium Pedrotti was impressive
with a great statute of Rossini in the courtyard.
The stage background with the organ and high ceiling with art was
a most impressive historical setting for the historical first
V-Accordion Competition and Festival.
First constestant to play was John Lettieri of Canada who
showed off a great range of sounds, capable on the V-Accordion.
The second contestant Jesus Penaranda Portilla of Spain
made extensive use of the free bass, more serious,
showing again the versatility of the V-Accordion.
Amelie Castel of France, was very different again, and as expected,
included French musette in her program showing
off the accordion reed sounds and the music of her country.
Bruno Moritz Neto from Brazil also included music from
his region of the world featuring strong and intricate rhythms.
Everyone then enjoyed a coffee break. Amelie Castel, the representative Roland France Vincent Riviale and and adjudicator Mirco Patarini chat.

Jury (left to right): Mirco Patarini, Kimmo Mattila, Akira Hanechi, Sergio Scappini, Marco Giannotti (Head of Jury) Gervasio Marcosignori,
Luigi Bruti, Pierpaolo Salvucci, Marco Lo Russo.
Romano Viazzani, Roland UK V-Accordion demonstrator
was present.
Next was Pavlov Runov representing Italy and his music selection
included music typical of his Russian music training, adding another
dimension to all the different styles of music performed today.

Uwe Steger of Germany performed a range of music from free bass through to dance, the crowd really
enjoying all the very different types of performances.
Ragnor Johnsen of Norway was the final contestant to peform rounding
out a very nice morning of interesting and very different performances.
Akio Oda (Roland Europe Marketing Manager) and Lars Arnevig (Norway) association executive were present.
Sound Engineer and Roland Events Carlo Antonelli, kept the
on-stage show running smoothly.
Marco Cinaglia (Roland V-Accordion Product Manager), Monica Polidori (Roland Marketing/Sales Manager), Roberto Gaetani (Roland R&D Department - Chief Sound Engineer)
The first group to perform representing Roland East Europe were from Czech. Daniel Kahuda, Hanus Axmann, Frantisek Tomasek. Video filming of the event and interviews was taking place all day.
The second group was a duo representing Roland Scandanavia. Kai Andre Hansen and Glenn Sorskar.
The duo representing Roland Germany of Lena and Vadym Samarsky.

The Solo Finalists were announced late afternoon. These were (alphabetical order):
1. Amelie Castel of France;
2 Pavlov Runov of Italy;
3. Uwe Steger of Germany.

After that followed a relaxing dinner at the Hotel Rossini. A number of competitors and guests went to a bar across the road that was open to the small hours of the morning.

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