35th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival
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Before The Main Festival

Photos of well known accordion identities, performers and contestants.

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Upon walking into the hall foyer, I saw the new festival banner which looked very impressive. Upstairs, Selenia and Elisa from Scandalli, standing beside the Scandalli banner.
The concert was opened with an introduction of the Vice-Mayor of Loreto who welcomed everyone and opened the upcoming Festival and this concert.
First performer was Danilo Di Paolonicola who played an interesting program
of different types of music that the audience clearly enjoyed very much.
Next was Mirco Patarini who was playing a concert program
but had carefully picked his program to show many different styles and music that included well known melodies
to have a very popular response from the audience.
Finishing off the program was Mario D'Amario who performed with skill and like the two
performances before, used his instrument musically and effectively showing many different styles of music to
strong audience appreciation. Overall an excellent promotional concert to start the festival.
A photo of the whole team outside the hall - performers, organisers, assistants - tutti!!

The concert in the Piazza Boccolino of Osimo City was part of the Osimo festival and the city was beautifully decorated with crowds of people walking around.
Giampiero Giustozzi of Giustozzi Accordion Factory with Holda Paoletti-Kampl The band Khorakhanè took the stage
Visitors to the festival, Francesco and Giuseppina with Holda and Adrio. Carlo Borsini of Borsini Accordions, Lulinha Alencar from Brazil, Catherine and Francesca Santori.
Luca Medri (pianoforte, tastiere e fisarmonica/piano, keyboards and accordion), Fabrizio Coveri (vocals), Pier David Fanti (drums), Gioele Sindona (violin), Matteo Scheda (guitar), Roberto Villa (bass guitar), Hilario Baggini (percussioni, flute, etc).
Luca Medri
Harley Jones of Accordions Worldwide, Matteo Mengascini of Mengascini Nello Accordions, Pietro Adragna, Antonella Toccaceli of Master Midi Production and Giampiero Giustozzi of the Giustozzi Accordion Factory.
Pietro Adragna is one of the participants in the 2012 Music Reality Show and he was promoting this with a short promotional performance
Maria Selezneva similarly performed one peice as a promotion for the Music Reality Show which starts tomorrow.

A beautiful picturesque street in Castelfidardo.
Vincenzo Canali (President of the International Accordion Museum of Castelfidardo) working late at the festival office and Harley Jones. We visited the Music Reality Show and playing was Pietro Adragna.
This picture shows the Music Reality Show recording equipment. There are three cameras, two camera men plus a person co-ordinating the equipment, the pictures and the broadcast on streaming video.
The two camera men filming Pietro performing with the Master Midi and his ever present smile.
Pietro was joined by Davide Bugari on percussion and singer/guitarist Alessandra Machella
preparing in the background to join their peformance.
Antonella Toccaceli of Master Midi Production, her neice Annalisa Martelli and sister Loretta Toccaceli. Alessio Gerundi of Zero Sette Accordions and Joe Petosa Jnr.
The group were joined by Vincenzo Borsini (center) of Borsini Accordions.

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