35th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival
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Sunday 23rd September Daily Report

of well known accordion identities, performers and contestants

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All results listed on the Results page.
Sunday is the final day of the international competition and festival of Castelfidardo including the Final Concert and Prize Giving.
A visit from the twin city Klingenthal by Mayor and Mayoress Enrico Bràunig pictured below with city officials
including the Mayor of Castelfidardo Mirco Soprani.
Wonderful weather encouraged many visitors to the city of Castelfidardo to listen to wonderful
accordion music by accordionists from Italy and around the world.
Moreno Patarini, Luciano Menghini, Mirco Patarini Saria Convertini and Giancarlo Borsini
official photographer of Castelfidardo NISI with Beniamino Bugiolacchi, for once NOT in service! Federica and Illaria from Strumenti & Musica
Some entertainment music from scottish accordionists - Gary Blair Group
Gary Blair Robin
Seamus Gary Blair Group with Fausto Fabi
Visiting from the UK is event organiser Heather Smith and several of English friends. Saria Convertini and friend.
Angelo from Salerno and Fabio/Morena from Frosinone Federico from Frosinone
Two young diatonic performers.
Nisi and his wife relaxing on Sunday morning. Mikko Makkonen and father Peter (Finland). Mikko won 3rd place in Category B, 15 years and under category and had come to watch Category D.

Jury for Category D: Sergey Voitenko (Russia), Elwira Sliwkiewicz-Cisak (Poland), Mirjana Petercol (Croatia/Germany),
Gorka Hermoza (Spain) and Annemarieke van de Ploeg (Netherlands).

Elena, Manager for Sergey Voitenko taking photos. St Petersburg artist and teacher Prof. Alexander Dmitriev with student Arkadij Schkvorov (4th place Category C), his mother Larisa and student Stepan Armasar (3rd place Category A).
Emanuele Storti was in charge of the Category D competition venue making very clear announcements and keeping the event moving along.. First to play in Category D, 2nd round was Dino Suljkovich (Serbia). This is for classical performance, any age.
Nebojsa Acimovic (Serbia) Nikolai Bolotin (Russia)
Giuseppe Grosso (Italy) Lei Guan (China)
Milo Katanic (Serbia) Aleksandr Kolomitcev (Russia) finished of the competition with the most popular clap of the day. He was also judged by the jury as the first place getter.

Prize Giving and Final Concert

Roman Jbanov of the Paris Moscou Duo and Holda Paoletti-Kampl. Always smiling Laura of Ideazione showing
Roberto Ottavianelli of Bugari Accordions to his reserved seat..
Maria Ternavskaya (Russia), Francesca Pigini, Romano Viazzani (UK) and Annemarieke van de Ploeg (Netherlands) before the concert.
The concert was opened. The Mayor of Klingenthal, sister city of Castelfidardo, presented the Special Awards from Klingenthal City for Category I to the Siberian Duet of Bayan (Russia).

Holda Paoletti-Kampl translating the speech of the Mayor of Klingenthal, bringing good wishes from Klingenthal.

Maria Ternavskaya and Aldo Belmonti.
Official Festival Photographer NISI is surprised to be the one photographed here!!!. Long time festival photographer, his excellent photos have been the basis of more than one historic photographic display.
Category A 12 years and under classical solo winner, Natalia Kowalska (Poland) being presented the 1st prize trophy by Castelfidardo City official for Tourism and Youth, Tania Belvederesi.
Winner of “Rassegna Juniores”  Alex Bascelli Winner of “Rassegna Seniores” Federico Conte
Krzystof Bondar of Poland won Category B, up to 15 years of age. Presentation Krzystof Bondar by Aldo Belmonti,
President of the Pro Loco.
Category E winners, Olga Ivashina and Evgeny Listunov Duo (Russia) performed and then were presented the trophy and diploma by Festival Artistic Director Paolo Picchio
and here presented the Accordions Worldwide award by Holda Paoletti-Kampl. Jianan Tian (China) was the only contestant to win two categories.
She was the Category C (up to 18 years solo classical) winner here presented by Jury President Claudio Jacomucci. Jianan Tian also won the light entertainment winner for the Light Music Section Category G (up to 18 years solo).
Category D, accordion solo, any age was won by Aleksandr Kolomittzev (Russia), first prize being presented by Castefidardo official for Tourism and Youth, Tania Belvederesi.
Presentation by the Mayor of Castelfidardo Mirco Soprani - for third place winner for the Premio solo category Grigory Seredin (Russia). Second place winner of the Premio solo category
was Angelo Miele (Italy).
First place winner of the Premio solo category was Xu Xiaonan (China) and here Castelfidardo Mayor Mirco Soprani presents the 1st place trophy.
Xu Xiaonan receiving the Accordions Worldwide Award
from Founder Harley Jones.
Massimo Pigini of the Pigini Accordion Factory who manufactured the two accordions of Jianan Tian, with Festival Artistic Director Paolo Picchio and the two diploma won by Jianan Tian.
A few of the prize winners having a photo together.
Jianan Tian, Xu Xiaonan, Aleksandr Kolomittzev,  Alex Bascelli, Federico Conte.


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